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Minit provides data-based insights into processes and reveals how to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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Why is one branch outperforming all others? Is there a way to accelerate your distribution network? What's causing problems in your cash flow? With Minit, you can monitor, analyze and optimize every process from sales to support. Drive efficiency and growth across the entire enterprise.

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  • Automotive

    Guarantee smooth production and service processes.

  • Finance

    Ensure compliance across your mortgage and loan processes.

  • Telco

    Shorten your innovation cycles and effectively sell new services.

  • More industries

    Achieve efficiency and cost-savings in your industry.

GEFCO: +60% higher productivity in Order Processing

What is Minit used for

  • Process

    Discovery & Mapping

    Accurate, interactive process maps, containing all relevant information down to single case level.

  • Process

    Analysis & Optimization

    Uncover optimization opportunities. Enhance performance, increase production, cut costs.

  • Process

    Auditing & Compliance

    See if your processes are followed as prescribed, in depth and detail impossible for a human.

Customers love Minit

“Analyzing our automated processes with Minit, led to 60% higher productivity, and being able to process orders and invoices for two more country HQs, without adding more personnel.”

Michal Bugar, CTO

Customers love Minit

“We used Minit to compare learning habits of A & B grade students to E-graders. This analysis led to the creation of best practice guide which resulted in higher student engagement.”

Branislav Zlocha, Director Marketing & Development
VSM, City University of Seattle

Academics love Minit

"Minit stands out for its rich 360-degrees collection of dashboards and process performance indicators, its sophisticated workspace management and collaboration features, and its robustness and scalability. It fills the clear gap in the enterprise-grade section of the market."

Marlon Dumas, Professor of Software Engineering
University of Tartu, Estonia

Partners love Minit

“Important innovation in process consulting business. Within seconds, Minit automatically analyses processes in detail impossible to achieve for human consultants.”

Dusan Hecko, Director, Financial Services

Customers love Minit

“After using Minit to analyze the processing of payments in Sberbank, we've uncovered points where with a few simple adjustments we were able to improve the efficiency of our payment processing flow.”

Milan Sikula, Head of Payments

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