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We help companies find new ways to increase productivity and discover cost saving opportunities in all of their processes.

About Minit

Minit is a spinoff from GRADIENT ECM, an international IT company developing award-winning document capture and process mining products. Minit’s mission is to make complicated processes transparent and provide actionable process insights to companies in every industry sector.


In 2015 GRADIENT ECM introduced Minit, ground-breaking solution for automated business process discovery. Minit won the Microsoft Industry Award in 2015, was one of the finalists in DM Awards 2016 and PEX Awards 2017.


Rasto Hlavac, CEO

Rasto founded GRADIENT ECM and its subsidiary Minit. Under his leadership, Minit has grown into a high-performance process mining platform for the enterprise sector. He is responsible for setting the overall direction for the company.

Richard Lipovsky, CSO

Richard focuses on developing strategic partnerships and increasing customer usage and engagement. He joined Minit from Orderlord and InnoSense, which he co-founded.

Jaro Zubak, CTO

Jaroslav leads our innovation efforts and manages our product engineering team. He has 9 years’ experience in leadership roles in tech and pharma enterprise.

Michal Rosik, CPO

Michal is responsible for building and scaling Minit. He also develops relations with the process mining academic community and evangelizes process mining benefits to enterprises worldwide.

Marlon Dumas, R&D Advisor

Marlon is a computer scientist and Professor of Software Engineering at the University of Tartu in Estonia, known for his contributions in the field of Business Process Management and Process Mining.