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Mining Attribute, Oracle Database, Median & Quantiles Calculations: Minit latest update

Check your process reality as it is.
Unbiased, objective, exact.

Seamless Processes
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How Minit Process Mining Works


01 Uncover

We'll help you see what your operations look like in reality. Minit gives you an X-ray visualization of the processes in your organization. No bias, no subjective assessments, just hard data.


02 Understand

Analysis without context doesn't mean much. Powered by AI, our solution brings context to your process data, helps you understand where and why problems occur and identity points of inefficiencies.


03 Check Compliance

Identify ways to standarize, optimize & improve operations, while staying informed about progress towards defined key process indicators and performance of the whole organization.


04 Continuously Improve

Through deep process understanding and by monitoring your processes and automating the right ones, you'll get on the path of continuous process excellence.

What's New


James Dening Joins Minit Process Mining as New CEO

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Minit 5.4: Mining Attribute, Oracle Database, Median & Quantiles Calculations, and More

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Process Mining Myths Busted Cover Homepage


5 Process Mining Myths Explained

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"There are huge savings of time and money investments in choosing process mining over traditional methods to discover and model processes especially for the processes for which you have data readily available."
Tushar Srivastana Assoc Principal Analyst Gartner, Inc.
“Process mining with Minit has proven to be a key driver in making intelligent, day-to-day improvements, on every level. Giving our business users the power to understand, in detail, the processes they work on, without the need for expert-level data analysis knowledge, has been groundbreaking.”
Juha Byman Head of Advanced Analytics, Stora Enso
"With Minit Process Mining, you can very easily delve into process details. There are a lot of different ways you can slice and dice your OTC and P2P cycles. Process Mining is a super interesting way to go about it."
Sander Rurup Senior Data Analyst and Analytics Team Manager at BDO Netherlands

Case Studies


Order to Cash

Global Chemical Manufacturer Saves $1.2M by Optimizing Order to Cash (OTC)


Robotic Process Automation

Logistics Company saves €466K by Reducing Case Duration by 3 Hours

Backed by Global Investors

Global venture capital companies have backed our growth in the seed and Series A rounds, with the total investment of $10.3M.

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