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5 Step Guide to Selecting Process Mining Software

Step by step, we will lead you toward identifying the right Process Mining vendor for your process excellence initiatives.

Jana Gregusova, Process Consulting Leader

Jana Gregusova
Process Consulting Leader

5 Step Guide to Selecting Process Mining Software

Investing in business technology is an exercise that requires a mix of inward reflection, clear communication, and strategic buy-in.

Business needs must be accurately identified and effectively conveyed to the appropriate stakeholders. 

When software investment is identified as a solution — because let’s be clear, blind investment in technology is an inadequate approach to problem solving — business leaders must direct a comprehensible and concise software selection process. 

With this process mining software selection guide, you will learn:

  • How to write a business case for process mining
  • Who to include on a vendor selection team
  • The principles of safeguarding ROI 
  • How to prepare process data for testing
  • Standards for a process mining proof of concept

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