Transitioning the world towards seamless operations.

We help businesses uncover opportunities for continuous process improvement and higher operational efficiency.


Our Mission

We believe that every organization can achieve digital transformation and operational excellence. That's why we are on a mission to create a world where every process is easily and automatically analyzed and improved.

Via our solution, we are encouraging everyone to explore the benefits of the Process Mining technology for their organization.

You don't need to be a data or process expert to be able to do this. We have built our solution for every user who is eager to understand their processes, empowering them to make data-driven decisions from day one.

Our Values



We have passion for our customers’ growth. To do our part in their success story, we are pioneering innovative Process Mining technology and providing solutions for increased business performance.

This passion is what drives us to explore, innovate, build new features, join partnerships and cooperate with experts all around the world, and all in all, deliver value to our customers.


Our internal as well as external communication is open and transparent. Customers' trust means the world to us. We handle it with delicacy.

Customers always know the value of what they pay for. We answer all their questions; we address all their concerns.

customer experience

Customer Experience

Even though our solution is based on complex algorithms, our clean, modern, and data-centric design provides customers with intuitive navigation, smooth user experience, and wide adoption within the entire organization.

The innovative and out-of-the-box functionalities of the solution empower customers to radically shorten the time they need to achieve results and stay ahead of competition.

Both the solution and our helpful team of experts empower customers to make independent, data-driven decisions and get to the ROI fast.


We are customer- and employee-driven. Whether talking to customers or to our colleagues, we ask for feedback and adjust, always ready to go the extra mile.

We don't indulge in formalities and long implementation processes. The path to first results is quick, providing value from day one. With our flexible business model, scaling opportunities are vast.

Our Story


Minit 2021

James Dening joins Minit as new CEO.

Minit is recognized as a market leader by Everest Group and NelsonHall.



During the economically challenging pandemic year, Process Mining proves to be one of the key technologies for businesses to increase operational efficiency.

As a result, Minit manages to grow, acquire new customers, and establish its presence in the US.

To support business scaling to new regions and industries, new partnerships with TechMahindra, Accenture, and many others are announced, including the strategic alliance with EdgeVerve, a task mining vendor. 

Minit takes part in the most relevant reports by industry analysts from Gartner, HFS, and Everest Group.



Minit successfully completed the Series A funding with €7M from Target Global, Salesforce Ventures, Earlybird, and OTB Ventures, raising the company's valuation by more than 500% within the last two years.

Mother company is moved to the Netherlands establishing Minit B.V. and the office in New York is opened.



Minit attracts Dan Lupu from Earlybird and Marcin Hejka from OTB Ventures as first institutional investors, closing a total seed investment round of €3.3M.

During 2018/2019, business entities and offices in the Netherlands and the UK are opened.

Multiple partnerships and technology alliances (NICE, Qlik, Blueprism, and others) are established.



Minit is founded, empowering first customers to benefit from process mining and closing first partnerships. A seed investment from Earlybird received.



Minit 1.0 is launched, winning the Microsoft Industry Award.



The technical specification is prepared and a dedicated R&D team for a new Process Mining platform is assembled.



Rasto Hlavac, the founder & CEO of Minit, begins exploring the topic of Process Mining in cooperation with the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.

Minit 2021

Meet the Leadership

  • Dening James Dening Chief Executive Officer
  • Hlavac Rasto Hlavac Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
  • Rosik Michal Rosik Chief Product Officer
  • Zubak Jaro Zubak Chief Technology Officer
  • Morris_2x Andrew Morris Chief Sales Officer
  • Spooner@2x (1) John Spooner VP Client Services
  • Vancova-1 Zuzana Vancova Director of Operations
  • Tomcala Daniel Tomcala Head of Marketing

Board Members

  • Christian Morales (ex-Intel) Christian Morales Chairman of the Board, ex-Corp VP GM at Intel
  • Marcin Hejka (OTB Ventures) Marcin Hejka Co-Founder & General Partner, OTB Ventures
  • Roland Manger (Earlybird Venture Capital) Roland Manger Co-Founder & Partner, Earlybird Venture Capital
  • Ricardo Schäfer (Target Global) Dr. Ricardo Schäfer Partner, Target Global
  • Hlavac@2x Rasto Hlavac Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
  • Dening@2x James Dening Chief Executive Officer

Backed by Global Investors

Global venture capital companies have backed our growth in the seed and Series A rounds, with the total investment of €10.3M.

  • salesforce@2x
  • earlbird@2x
  • targetglobal@2x
  • otb@2x

Our Offices

We're a tech scale-up based out of Europe with offices in Amsterdam (Netherlands), London (UK), New York (US), and Bratislava (Slovakia).



Prins Bernhardplein 200



Kosicka 56
821 08
Slovak Republic



The Stanley Building
7 Pancras Square
King's Cross
London, N1C 4AG
United Kingdom


New York

104 West 40th Street
New York City
New York, USA

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