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About Minit

Minit is one of the leading process intelligence solution vendors clearly differentiated from the competition through powerful while very easy-to-use functionality combined with exceptional service and business model flexibility. We strive to provide solutions with the best price-performance ratio in the market.

Christian Morales from Intel and Uwe Seltmann from USN Global join the advisory ranks of Minit. 
Minit named as one of the Process Mining sample vendors in Gartner's 2018 Market Guide.
Minit 3.0 launched as the most user-friendly Process Mining tool on the market. 
Minit attracts Dan Lupu from Earlybird.com and Marcin Hejka from OTB as first institutional investors with €3.3m to fuel growth.

Minit 2.1 with Data Validation and Financial Analysis released.


Minit 2.0 was launched.
Minit sponsored Sixth International Business Process Intelligence Challenge.


Minit 1.0 was launched and won Microsoft Industry Award.


GRADIENT ECM prepared technical specification and built the dedicated R&D team for new process mining platform.


GRADIENT ECM has begun exploring the topic of process mining and cooperation with Slovak Technical University.


Introduced in 2015, Minit has been recognized by industry leaders, independent publications, and professional community organizations alike.

Gartner Market Guide For Process Mining 2018
Minit has been named one of the leading providers of process intelligence solutions by Gartner the leading solution analyst company that leaders in large organizations rely upon 

Microsoft Industry Awards 2017
Winner - A modern way of working in the small and medium-sized business segment
Customer: School of Management / City University of Seattle Programs

bpmNEXT 2017
Winner - Most Innovative
Real-Time Process Deviance Monitoring

PEX Global Awards 2017
Finalist - Best Technology-Enabled Process Improvement Project of 2017
Optimizing Automated Processes, Customer: GEFCO

Document Manager Awards 2016
Finalist - Best BPM Solution

Microsoft Industry Awards 2015
Winner - Best Solution Application in the Commercial Sector

  • Microsoft Awards 2017
  • Industry Awards 2017
  • PEX
  • DM
  • bpmNEXT


Rasto Hlavac

Rasto Hlavac, CEO

Rasto founded GRADIENT ECM and its subsidiary Minit. Under his leadership, Minit has grown into a high-performance Process Mining solution for the enterprise sector. He is responsible for setting the overall direction for the company.


Michal Filip Kowalik, CSO

Michal is responsible for leading the Business Development and Partner Management teams at Minit. He is a seasoned professional in managing sales and channel relationships at Intel.

Richard Lipovsky

Richard Lipovsky, CMO

Richard focuses on leading the marketing team and initiatives to boost the positioning of Minit in the market. He joined Minit from Orderlord and InnoSense, which he co-founded.

Jaro Zubak

Jaro Zubak, CTO

Jaroslav leads our innovation efforts and manages our product engineering team. He has 9 years’ experience in leadership roles in tech and pharma enterprise.

Michal Rosik

Michal Rosik, CPO

Michal is responsible for building and scaling Minit. He also develops relations with the process mining academic community and evangelizes process mining benefits to enterprises worldwide.