4 Things Every Process Miner Wants for Christmas


They can’t be bought with money alone, but take time and patience to achieve. Not all are found in stores or made at the north pole. Actually, none of them are. Come to think of it, Santa could use Minit Process Mining technology on his wish list because those elves got my gifts all mixed up last year!

Here are the top things on every Process Mining practitioner’s wish list for Christmas 2018. How to get them? Read on.

Open Minds

Resistance is a partner in crime to change. That’s why every Process Mining practitioner is asking Santa for open minds this year. Process Mining, like other disruptive technology, can be intimidating for those who feel displaced (or exposed) by its capabilities. It’s a familiar feeling for manual laborers who have been replaced in droves over those past several decades by technology, but a new fear for knowledge workers. Those who demonstrate value through the brain, not brawn, may be intimidated by the power of Process Mining.

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To make your wish for open minds come true, be a processing mining advocate who shows others how to work alongside the technology. Demonstrate that Process Mining takes care of the grunt work in order for knowledge workers to exercise their analytical skills at an even more valuable level. Approach the subject of robotic process automation (RPA) and Process Mining as ways to further support their ultimate goal — business success.

In addition to the feeling of being replaced, others may feel vulnerable to exposing failure. Process Mining is like an iron clad lie detector test for processes. Everything gets revealed. Process owners and those involved in the process being examined may be resistant to such a revealing exercise. They may feel unjustly scrutinized and go on the defense to shelter their techniques and approach to business.

For the minds which are closed due to fear of exposure, emphasize that perfection is not the goal and failing forward is better than blind short-term wins. Find the right communication approach for your team that will highlight that Process Mining is not being brought in as a sneaky way to exhibit their shortcomings, but rather as a way to emphasize process strength, fix process weaknesses and seize unknown opportunities.

Management Support

Management support is on every process miner’s wishlist for a good reason — it’s absolutely crucial. Process Mining projects which have accountability rooted at the top are structured for success. Process Mining champions can be found (and are essential) at many different levels within an organization's hierarchy, but a project sponsor must have far-reaching authority. They need not be the project manager directly, nor do they need to be involved with the day to day implementation, however, someone with sway must be present.

Nestled within the Business Process Management (BPM) discipline, Process Mining is as much about communication and perception as it is about technology. Trust, clear goals and manageable expectations are all topics achieved through communication, not code. A Process Mining project which carries the weight of a CTO, CEO or other C-suite executives will automatically gain more credibility and pave a path for smoother communication.

Some managers may be juggling so many areas they hold the antiquated belief, “if it ain't broke, don’t fix it.” Challenge this viewpoint. Process Mining isn’t a standard tool for a conventional company. It’s a powerful solution for those looking to go beyond basic repairs and into the field of optimization. Unbroken isn’t good enough.

More Process Mining Champions

Tired of fantasizing about the power of Process Mining with other data scientists and IT professionals? Do you wish Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Management were just as excited as you are about the future of Process Mining and how it can transform an organization? That’s why ‘more Process Mining champions’ is on every process miner’s Christmas wish list.

Process Mining champions may be silently lurking in the midst of your organization, and you just don’t know about them. The best way to make this Process Mining wish come true is to become more vocal about your Process Mining projects, goals and need for champions. Share successes and setbacks equally and become a beacon of Process Mining hope for others who are interested, yet timid, to step forward. Read more about finding Process Mining champions.


And finally, money. Every Process Mining practitioner is asking Santa for a bigger budget next year. With an appropriate budget worthy of pulling off a successful digital transformation, process miners can get the team and technology they need. 2019 might be the year for this wish to come true. The International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates the spending on digital transformation will reach $1.7 trillion worldwide by the end of 2019. That’s a whopping 42% increase from 2017 and a number which will cause even the most serious of data scientists to grin.

Be sure to ask more than just Santa for this Process Mining wish. Let budget holders know the importance of technology and people (and the associated price tags) needed to deliver visible results. Remember, an initial Process Mining project needs to be big enough in impact to get attention, yet small enough in scope to achieve.

We hope St. Nick pulls through this year for our fellow Process Mining pioneers. As a backup plan, write to Minit. We’ll help get what you need for Christmas.

Michal Rosik Chief Product Officer & Product Visionary at Minit

10. 12. 2018