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And That's a Wrap! The Best of 2019 at Minit Process Mining

And Thats a Wrap The Best of 2019 at Minit Process Mining

The end of 2019 is near, and that's usually time to stop and think about what those 12 months were like. 

Here's our rundown of what shaped our year at Minit, from the most-read blogs to events we attended, product releases, and much more. 

But first…

(Understand where Process Mining is now, and see where it's headed next as an industry, technology, and community. Download the Process Mining Trends in 2020 guide here.)

...Thank You!

Let us thank you for this amazing time we could spend together with you - our clients, partners, readers, visitors, and everyone who has been around and supported us. 

Words can hardly describe how grateful we are for the people we meet on our Process Mining journey, always wondering with whom we'll cross our paths next! Not to say that the journey has only begun and we are impatient to see what the future holds for all of us and how we can help shape it. 

But what do we see when looking back?

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Minit Process Mining Product Grew

New features must bring additional benefits. That's how we approach product development. 

We listen to you, analyze your feedback to Minit's product, and implement all the improvements and new functionalities to support your business. 

In 2019, we published:


Favorite Content about Process Mining

Since Process Mining is still taking its baby steps to global adoption and a great deal of companies are not aware of the real benefits of the technology, we've been gladly spreading the word in 2019. 

Through our guides and blog posts, you could have learned more about Process Mining and its various use cases, how it fits within other industries such as Robotic Process Mining, or where we expect it to go in the future. 

Have you read some of our most popular blog posts

Have you downloaded our guides with insights on all the important topics for your smoother operations? 


Getting Personal at the Industry Events

To meet you in person and look for the biggest challenges your companies face, our team attended many industry events. 

Have we met at one of these?

See you at Process Mining Live in March 2020?


Other Important Milestones

...and much much more, which would not fit this blog post :) 

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Now, let's go and welcome the new year! 

See you in 2020?


Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Michal Tomek Writer & Content Manager at Minit

30. 12. 2019