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BPM recommendations for 2019 from Minit


Real business effectiveness comes not only from anticipating future trends but also knowing when is the right time to bring new innovative technologies into your business. Here are three recommendations that can help you decide when and if to bring next-generation IT into your organization.

1. Be careful what you order at the Bar of Technological Hype

The hype-drink recipe is easy:

  • One shot of RPA
  • One shot of DMN
  • Three drops of AI
  • Splash of No Code
  • Zest from ACM (Adaptive Case Management)

Put everything in a shaker with some ice cubes and mix well.

Pour into the enterprise.

Drink wisely. It is a pretty potent mix.

Different skills and techniques have been pushing the boundaries of what enterprises are able to absorb in the last few years. Most of them being on their own and being considered a silver bullet for any problems you might think of. Two thousand nineteen will be more than ever about finding the proper mixture, the right synergy between them, about finding how those, for most business users, abstract buzzwords might support each other for better utilization. There is a place for all of them, but not everywhere or anywhere.

20 Ways to Benefit from Process Mining

In Minit, we see that process mining cannot stand on its own as well, and we strongly feel it is the right technology to help enterprises to absorb and leverage all their investments in techniques mentioned above. We work hard to assist in these everyday fights.

Moreover, lastly, when you prepare your personal cocktail, do not underestimate the power of presentation. Visual storytelling is an equally important part of the process. So it's no longer about the pure data, but also about the way how you visualize them - in other words, "infographics instead of tables and charts."

By the way, did I mention Blockchain? There is a reason why I didn't.

2. Don't overlook the treasure trove of vendor knowledge

Instead of listing books, articles, and courses, that everyone can easily find on the internet, I would like to focus your attention on different vendors in those technological areas - most of them already provide academies, free e-books or full documentation. Do not fear to go through it, most of them provide excellent insight into the technology and its benefits, instead of plain product walkthrough.

Absorb all of it, let it rest and use your creativity and common sense - lately, two most forgotten skills.

If not sure, listen to experienced professionals. Even though they might not be on the current hype wave, try to combine their past long-term experience with the new kids on the block.

History is repeating, isn't it?

3. Don't throw away old-school IT principles that still rule

Low hanging fruits have been already collected in many hype technologies, but no longer relevant is the overall approach of taking a hype, squeezing it a bit and throwing it immediately away.

If you want to do quality contemporary art, you must know how to draw.

The more experience you have, the more you can leverage everything new.

However, if you want me to choose one tech stream, that is not practically applicable yet in the area of process mining in full power, I believe that Data Lakes did not say the last word yet.

And combined with AI, it sounds like a nice fusion.

Michal Rosik Chief Product Officer & Product Visionary at Minit

26. 02. 2019