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Free Download: Master the Robots with Minit's RPA 2018 e-Book


The global market for Robotic Process Automation is forecast to exceed USD 5 billion by 2024. Businesses worldwide are looking to take advantage of the never-tiring robotic workforce. Our free e-Book is here to help you get ready for RPA and move forward with implementation.

RPA projects recoup the investment in just 6-9 months and don’t require significant IT architecture changes or deep integration with underlying systems. Speeding up and eliminating mistakes from time-consuming business processes, combined with a cost reduction of 35-65% are driving rapid adoption. Successful pilot projects are inspiring buyer confidence in the technology.

You too can succeed by asking the right questions and following best practices. Steer clear of the major pitfalls waiting for those implementing a Robotic Process Automation solution.

Download our free e-Book to learn:

  • Best practices for successful RPA adoption
  • RPA use cases and how to identify automation candidates
  • Why you need a complete understanding of candidate processes and how to gain it
  • Importance of evaluating the post-implementation results
  • Questions every organization should ask before automating business processes

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Simona Parnicka Marketing Manager at Minit

28. 11. 2017