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Holiday Reading for 2020: Start off on the Right Foot

Holiday Reading for 2020

The holiday season is a great time to step back, relax and devour your long-awaited reading list. You might find it hard to catch-up on your own stack of books, but we figured there’s no harm in an additional list to get you one step ahead of 2020.

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Gemba Walks, 2nd Edition by Jim Womack

We’ve discussed Jim Womack’s work on lean production in the past. Gemba Walks is a compilation of 72 short essays on his reflections after 30 years in the industry while assessing its state today. 

Tools for Titans by Tim Farriss

Serial entrepreneur, angel investor and host of his very own podcast, author Tim Ferriss turns his obsession to uncover the secret to efficient living into a 700 page read.

“From business practices to improvements in health, this book covers bits and pieces from every corner of your lifestyle. A perfect read for those wanting to boost their new year productivity. Take what you see fit.” 
Recommendation from Minit’s Head of Content, David Miller.

Your Cyberpower: How to Safeguard Your Remote Business by Priya E. Abraham

With over 20+ years in cybersecurity across global business and industries, author Priya E. Abraham uncovers hands-on advice on protecting your business in a simple and understandable language.

Prefer audio?

The Fearless Organization by Amy Edmondson

With so much focus on innovation and creativity, today’s organizations need to create a culture where the next left-field idea can become the next big thing. Author Amy Edmondson helps readers discover the link between psychological safety and high performance.

The Social and Psychological Impact of Cyber-Attacks by Maria Bada and Jason R. C. Nurse

Authors Maria Bada and Jason R. C. Nurse reflect on the social and psychological aspects related to cyber-attacks, furthering advance discussions on cyber threats, cognitive vulnerabilities and cyberpsychology that have become as commonplace as the Internet itself.

The Work of Management by Jim Lancaster

An engaging, first-hand recount by author and CEO Jim Lancaster on his journey to becoming a better business leader. The Work of Management includes in-depth use cases of lean transformation and experiments to improve financial performance.

Designing the Future by James M. Morgan and Jeffrey K. Liker

In today’s business, the ability to consistently create successful new products and services is vital in staying competitive. Designing the Future goes in depth into how companies are redesigning the development framework in to deliver market-leading products to market.

What are you reading over the holidays?

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Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Robert Heger

02. 01. 2020