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Case Studies

Improving students’ academic results through process analysis


Intelligent technology solutions change how students learn in a way that lets both students and educators benefit. Our real-life proof is the School of Management/City University of Seattle Programs, which has achieved improvement of its online study with the help of the Minit Process Analysis Tool and Microsoft Azure.

School of Management employs an e-learning platform Moodle. It acts as a student's online briefcase, used for all activities related to the study - publishing of materials, online lectures, exercises, conducting ongoing and final tests and supporting students through consultations and discussion forums.

The goal of our project was to use data from this platform to enhance the services provided by the university to the students and ultimately improve their learning outcomes and help them achieve even higher levels of knowledge.

Rasto Hlavac, CEO, Minit

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Minit, running on Microsoft Azure cloud service was used to analyze the study process. Based on the event log data from the e-learning platform, Minit automatically reconstructed how the students utilize it and identified all the student journey variations. An automated comparison of the behavior of students with better results (A and B grades) with those rated with C, D or E, has enabled School of Management to identify differences in their learning process.

Finding the differences between how the two student groups participated in individual activities, voluntary inputs, and discussions enabled the creation of a new methodology and a targeted orientation of students when they begin their studies.

Teachers used Minit to analyze the success of individual online activities, evaluate their attractiveness and replace those with low attendance. The project also led to the creation of ideal study roadmaps for each subject. Thanks to the historical data combined with the resulting marks from the given course, Minit identified an optimal course of study and time requirements for online activities for prospective students.

Unlike the daily studies which we perceive as analogous, online study is highly digitized and allowed us to explore the behavior and learning process of students. Process log analysis from the learning management system made it possible for us to see how students learn in the online environment, what activities they participate in, and how it affects their learning outcomes.

Mgr. Branislav Zlocha, Director, Marketing & Development, University of Management City University of Seattle Programs

Simona Parnicka Marketing Manager at Minit

26. 06. 2017