Minit 3.0: Refresh your analysis


Process intelligence is an iterative process. Get the data... Import... Explore... Get more data... Import... Explore... Get a bit different data... Import... Explore...  

And when you finally finish your analysis, someone asks: can we do that on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? In Minit 3.0, the answer is a single click away.

Data Refresh functionality and Process cloning are giving you the opportunity to use the import configuration of your process and reuse it to refresh the underlying data. The difference between the two is mainly in the usage scenario coming from the essence of data changes performed in the datasource.

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  • Data Refresh – is mostly used when you receive data similar to the original dataset, or new data has been added to the dataset. In this case, your process including all the views will be updated with new data, applied filters will be reevaluated and if anything is not consistent (e.g. the filtered variant no longer exists) we will tell you.
  • Clone to new process – is used when new dataset is received but you would like to compare it to the original one (e.g. you had imported data for 2016 and you recently received export of 2017; you made changes to your process and want to evaluate the impact). In this case, the configuration is used to import the new dataset, allowing you to use Minit’s state-of-art process comparison functionality.

Continuous process evaluation and monitoring has never been easier.

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Simona Parnicka Marketing Manager at Minit

13. 03. 2018