Minit 3.0: Say goodbye to repositories


Right from the beginning, Minit storage structure was built around repositories. Even though this approach gave freedom and universality to the analysts, we decided to get rid of unnecessary complexity and shorten the data-to-model time. We have reorganized the entities and rebuilt the structure.

Minit 3.0 brings Project Mobility, a new project-oriented structure, where you can create, export and import as many projects as you need, based on your customers, projects, tasks or areas of interest. 

  • The project is a container for your processes, it organizes them and groups them together.
  • Process is imported easily via the Process Import Wizard.
  • The datasources are now hidden on the background and process stays the main and only relevant entity.

This new simplification does not mean change to the already existing possibilities – we support all the various types of datasources – file formats, SQL Server, ODBC drivers. Import is executed with our complex data validation and is still running asynchronously, so even large imports do not slow you down. 

Process views – persisted interactive states of analysis, are now the core element of the project. They can be public or private and include snapshots (view inside a view).

Access rights variability in projects was simplified to the core concept of project sharing.

  • Global level
    • Create projects
    • Share Projects
  • Project level
    • View
    • Edit
    • Full access

Principles of private and public views remain.

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Simona Parnicka Marketing Manager at Minit

13. 03. 2018