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Minit 3.1: Who’s the influencer here? Part 2


Case duration influence is a sophisticated analytical insight that automatically evaluates the impact of case-level attributes (including financial) on the mean case duration. Minit 3.1 takes all case-level attribute values and based on the mean duration of the cases having the specific case-level attribute value weighted by the volume of cases having this value calculates the percental influence of cases having this value on the overall mean case duration.

Influencer Analytics in Minit Process Mining

In other words, as seen in the screenshot, if the Article is Software Licenses, the mean duration is longer than for article Hardware, but the influence on the overall case duration is not so strong, as the case frequency is much smaller for Software Licenses than it is for Hardware.

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Positive percentage number (in RED) means that the corresponding attribute value is slowing the process, negative percentage (in GREEN) is, on the other hand, making the process faster and the percentage value represents their influence on the mean duration.

To access the Case duration influence:

  • Select Case duration influence statistics from the selection control in the top left corner:

Case duration influence in Minit Process Mining

This screen shows influence values aggregated for all case-level attributes in the event log.

  • Scroll to the right in the statistics grid for each case-level attribute:

Statistics grid for case-level attributes in Minit Process Mining

This column shows influence values for the selected case-level attribute.

You can sort the grid according to this column, in both cases, by clicking on the column header.

Minit 3.1. also introduces new Map Clustering functionality that enables the user to visually encapsulate activities in the Process Map view and Event-level filtering capabilities with several new types of filters and the option to combine them as your imagination allow.

Simona Parnicka Marketing Manager at Minit

23. 05. 2018