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Minit wins Most Innovative with Real-time Process Deviance Monitoring at bpmNEXT


Minit was voted the Most Innovative for the continuous process mining and detection of deviations in real-time at this year’s bpmNEXT. We feel incredibly honored to be awarded by an audience of influential BPM thought leaders and experts.

bpmNEXT remains the definitive showcase of the next generation of Business Process Management software, and we are proud to be awarded by the very people shaping the future of BPM.

Rasto Hlavac, CEO, Minit

In our session, Minit’s CPO Michal Rosik and CEO Rasto Hlavac showed off the near future of process mining in the real-time process deviance monitoring demo. Deviations from the desired process path cause increased costs and lost revenue. However, monitoring complex processes spanning multiple systems and departments within the organization is impossible without the right tools.

Minit uses process mining of enterprise system event logs to establish a baseline for performance monitoring. Then its real-time process deviance monitoring performs continuous process mining to detect deviations in critical processes, enabling quick reaction to issues as they arise. We believe this new capability could help prevent many problems for our customers. You can watch the demo here.

The main benefit for the users is the shift from reactive process monitoring and analysis towards effective action immediately when process related issues arise and even to a proactive analysis of the arising issues to take steps preceding further problems.

Michal Rosik, CPO, Minit

There was much to learn, not just during the 20+ sessions but in between as well. We were excited to meet and exchange insights with BPM’s most prominent practitioners, vendors, and analysts. It was inspiring seeing the many different approaches to tackling BPM and meeting with those spearheading the next wave of process innovation.

About bpmNEXT
This conference is where the next generation of Business Process Management software can be found. An event for industry peers and everybody who is interested in the leading-edge technology, from Advanced Analytics, Decision Management, Digital Transformation, Robotic Process Automation, AI, the Internet of Things, Process Mining, to BPMS platforms. It is the place for revolutionary new ideas, where all presentations are vision statements on where we need to go next.

To learn more about bpmNEXT please visit bpmnext.com.


Simona Parnicka Marketing Manager at Minit

20. 04. 2017