Minit supports upcoming talent in BPI Challenge


Now, for the second time, Minit sponsored the 7th edition of the BPI Challenge where participants were asked to analyze a process using whatever techniques available. Their task was to focus on the process owner's questions and find unique insights into the process captured in the event log.

The organizers invited a financial company that has previously provided the data for the 2012 edition to give the community access to a fresh event log. The three academic, six professional and fourteen student submissions impressed the jury with their high quality.

The authors not only observe but also interpret the results and offer concise recommendations and suggestions for process improvement, based on the evidence derived from the data. At the same time, the authors made it clear where conclusions could not be drawn due to a lack of further insights/data. All reports show how mature the process mining tool landscape has become, and how many valuable insights can be uncovered.


  • Student Category Winner: Density Analysis of the Interaction with Client
    by Elizaveta Povalyaeva, Ismail Khamitov and Artyom Fomenko from the Moscow Higher School of Economics

  • Professional Category Winner: Process mining on the loan application process of a Dutch Financial Institute
    by Liese Blevi, Julie Robbrecht and Lucie Delporte from KPMG Technology Advisory, Belgium

  • Academic Category Winner: STAIRWAY TO VALUE: Mining the loan application process
    by Ariane Rodrigues, Cassio Almeida, Daniel Saraiva, Felipe Moreira, Georges Spyrides, Guilherme Varela, Gustavo Krieger, Igor Peres, Leila Dantas, Mauricio Lana, Odair Alves, Rafael França, Ricardo Neira, Sonia Gonzalez, William Fernandes, Simone Barbosa, Marcus Poggi, and Hélio Lopes from Pontifícia Universidade
Academic Category Winner

We hope to see all of you again in the BPI Challenge 2018.

Simona Parnicka Marketing Manager at Minit

15. 09. 2017