Minit v. 2.1 Data Validation


We have just released the latest version of Minit and you can get it via auto-update within your application. The hottest new features are Financial Analysis and Data Validation about which you can read more here and also watch the video below.

Choose between Quick or Full Data Validation
Checking the data quality is straightforward with 10.000 events, but what if your event log counts to 10, 50, 100 million or even a billion rows? You don’t have to worry anymore, Minit v. 2.1 will check the data quality for you. We introduce nonrestrictive data validation on two levels:

Quick Data Validation – built directly into preview screen of Process Import Wizard, where all attributes in selected 1.000 events are checked to show immediate results (instantly reacting to any configuration change you make):

Results are categorized into three severity levels:

  • Critical – issues that might influence automated business process discovery and visualization of the process map e.g. missing activity names, missing or switched timestamp values etc.
  • Warning – critical functionality is not affected, but issues might affect statistics and calculations, e.g. missing values in financial attributes
  • Information – certain information returned by Minit might be affected, but logically correct – missing values for additional attributes, e.g. supplier name

Full Data Validation – to be 100% sure, you caught all quality problems, run Import with full Data Validation. At this level, Minit will check all data from the first to the last event, giving you an overview plus full interactive HTML report, if you like long reads and J. D. Salinger is not your thing.

Full Data Validation

Watch Data Validation in action:

Read about our new highlight feature Finacial Analysis or check out other improvements in Minit v. 2.1.

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Simona Parnicka Marketing Manager at Minit

19. 06. 2017