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Minit v. 2.1 Financial Analysis


In the latest version of Minit, you can look forward to an even better performance, optimized installation process, and new feature highlights Financial Analysis and Data Validation. Auditors who analyze processes for compliance and process managers who are interested in performance aspects of business processes can now use Minit to track the money flow in their processes, determine if performance is aligned with appropriate benchmarks and much more. You can read more or watch the video below.

Financial Analysis
It’s all about the money, money, money

Until now process mining could give you the sense of how often certain activities happen in your enterprise or how much time it takes to complete them. But if you have ever wondered how much does it cost to perform those manual tasks that happen in 50% of your cases, or which path is taken by the purchase orders with the highest amount, you know finding answers isn't easy. Now you can see exactly where the money flows in your processes. Minit v. 2.1 gives you the ability to visualize this information and immediately spot the answers.

Process import wizard now allows you to define a Finance attribute on three levels:

  • Per Case – set for attributes holding the costs/revenues of your cases such as invoice amount, purchase order value, loan amount, etc.
  • Per Event – in case your attribute holds fixed costs/revenues of specific events/activities such plumbing installation, outsourced marketing research, etc.
  • Per Resource – for attributes specifying staff-hour rates of your employees or system resource performance related costs such as Cloud services paid at hourly rates
     Finance Steps

    From this moment on, your process map speaks “finance,” just switch and set your preferences. To see the details, just click on the desired activity or path:


Variant Analysis
We have even incorporated the financial analysis into the Variant overview. To find the cheapest process variant among the fastest ones has never been easier:


Process Compare
One of the hardest parts in continuous improvement is to quantify the improvement. You performed your analysis, identified bottlenecks, defined action plan, even executed it. It’s time to harvest.

Minit understands what you need, just add the “after” layer above the “before” state in process comparison module, and your cost cuts will visualize right away.


Watch Finacial Analysis in action:

Read about the new feature Data Validation or check out other improvements in Minit v. 2.1.

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Simona Parnicka Marketing Manager at Minit

19. 06. 2017