Minit’s CPO Michal Rosik featured speaker at Big Data Conference Vilnius


Big Data Conference Vilnius on November 29-30, 2017 is a two-day conference with purely technical talks focused on Big Data, High Load, Data Science and Machine Learning. Bringing together business leaders and innovators to discuss best practices and business applications of latest technologies. In his talk “Does P in your RPA project stand for Painful?” our CPO Michal Rosik will address how to avoid the landmines when implementing an automation project.

With automation, there is consistency in application. So if you get it wrong, you consistently get it wrong, and there is a risk that any error becomes a systemic and widespread issue across that business process and data set.

Michal Rosik, Minit’s CPO

Because RPA is an "all your eggs in one basket approach," if the processes are not mapped correctly, automated activities may be incorrectly performed or incomplete. Automating an inefficient or poorly controlled process only amplifies the issue. Which is why identification of the right processes and suitable automation points, robot programming and of course monitoring and evaluating of the results are crucial.

It is only from seeing the robot live in processing that you may uncover the unknowns in the production environment.

Michal Rosik, Minit’s CPO

Therefore, there is a need at the post-deployment stage to review the processing and decisions made by the robot to ensure they align with expectations, which should be done early in deployment to allow for correction of rules and logic. Big data collected when monitoring the user behavior as well as the behavior of robots can be leveraged by process mining technology to overcome these issues and ensure that your RPA project is a success.

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We are looking forward to seeing you at the Big Data Conference on November 29-30, 2017.

Simona Parnicka Marketing Manager at Minit

19. 09. 2017