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Process Mining the ultimate source of truth for Business Transformation


Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence - new technologies are affecting businesses faster than ever before. Business leaders are constantly being challenged to keep pace and effectively manage complex processes at a volume we could not have imagined just a decade ago.

New technology brings new challenges

  • The rise of new technologies inevitably means new and more complicated regulations. Companies need to stay not only up-to-date on changes to the law but also incorporate new regulations into daily processes.
  • Customers expect businesses to not only provide quality products and services. To keep customers satisfied companies need to optimize their processes in order to deliver flawless customer experience throughout the entire customer journey.
  • Companies are capturing more and more information. Without the right tools to analyze it, they are struggling to use this data in meaningful ways. Without a comprehensive approach to analytics companies lose out on valuable insights about their customer’s preferences and demands.
  • Another challenge is organizational alignment and transparency. Management tends to focus on customer-facing activities, and the internal process can easily be overlooked. Employees are not familiar with the metrics their managers are aiming for or with the new processes, and guidelines. Departmental hierarchies are unclear, and transparency between different branches, departments, and levels of hierarchy is minimal.

All of these issues affect your bottom line, and any combination of these factors can bring serious repercussions.

Evolve and Adapt

Bringing change into the enterprise is difficult. Many managers fear their company is not prepared to execute business transformation. While the obstacles managers are facing are individual, the cure is in all cases the same.

Managers need accurate, actionable insights into operations and full process transparency. The answer is Process Mining.

Full process transparency means a definitive insight into how employees are performing their jobs and how effectively and efficiently the business processes are running. Process transparency not only makes the company more efficient, but it will also help in the case of an audit. It also makes implementing new technologies easier and ensures that the company will be more agile when responding to changes in the market.

Why Transformation needs Process Mining

Before, during, and after any business transformation project, it is necessary to analyze the processes. While it may seem more comfortable to skip documenting the current state and focus solely on the “to-be” state, the result of such an approach is a crippling lack of knowledge.

Guide to your first Process Mining project

Without a complete understanding of current processes, you won’t know what will need to change to complete the business transformation project.

Process transparency is a must-have for any successful business transformation project. Process Mining accurately and efficiently captures the current state of all your business processes. It provides objective insights through data-based process analysis. It’s also a convenient way to leverage the data collected from processes to gain insights. These can highlight places where bottlenecks occur or where processes could be more efficient.

While everyone’s business transformation project is different, what is required is a process-based approach and a culture of transparency. Process Mining achieves both.

It is also important to remember that every business transformation project impacts business processes. Often in ways that you didn’t predict. Process Mining will not only serve as a baseline that will provide initial insights before the start of your transformation but also allow you to evaluate changes in the processes and analyze how successful it was.

Talk to one of our skilled experts to understand how we can support your organization in achieving Business Transformation success through Process Mining.

Simona Parnicka Marketing Manager at Minit

23. 07. 2018