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Let AI Tell You Why: When Process Mining Speaks

Process Mining changed the way businesses approach process improvement.

Analysts no longer had to tiptoe around, scared of waking up the mighty process giant, drawing diagrams, running workshops and interviewing people.

They could simply drill down into the process as deep as the data allowed.

Yet, at one point, they stopped and clashed with the ultimate question of “why”:

  • Why is the process taking so long?
  • Why is every third process instance looping in the approval step?
  • Why is one plant performing poorly compared to others?

And, all of a sudden, they were back to interviews and workshops.

The reality, though, is that there is much more juice in your fruity dataset than you can imagine.

In this webinar, we will see how to squeeze it with the help of Artificial Intelligence, and let it speak to the process stakeholders.

Let’s uncover together what’s less obvious and what’s really hidden in your data.


What's in the session?

  • How to AI with Process Mining
  • What to do if someone says the W Word?
  • Process Context
  • Let the AI tell you why (demo)



Presented by: Michal Rosik, Chief Product Officer

Minit’s CPO Michal Rosik is an expert in helping companies worldwide extract value from their data, improve business performance and eliminate inefficiency from their operations by optimizing their business processes.

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