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Richard Lipovsky · 19. 10. 2018 · Best Practices

Robotic Process Automation: The Next Big Thing in Process Improvement

Process improvement is cyclical in nature, continually revamping itself to meet current demands. A process that resolved the issues of yesterday may not address the problems of today, thus making it critical to have process improvement stitched into the fabric of an organization's DNA. As external and internal environments change, markets evolve, new opportunities and risks present themselves, the processes that support an organization must adapt. One such change on the market to impact process improvement is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It’s an emerging technology that works hand in hand with Process Mining under the umbrella of BPI.


Simona Parnicka · 15. 10. 2018 · Best Practices

When is Process Mining Strategically Important?

Here at Minit we believe that companies need to analyze and improve their processes all the time. Just like people, organizations need to regular health check-ups to maintain fitness.


Michal Rosik · 09. 10. 2018 · Best Practices

Where will Process Mining be One Year from Now?

What’s the telltale sign industry is transitioning from emerging to mainstream? A Gartner Market Guide. Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, keeps a finger on the pulse of emerging tech while maintaining two firm feet in the realm of mainstream, often defining the industry itself.


Michal Rosik · 04. 10. 2018 · Best Practices

How to Build Process Improvement into your Organization's DNA

Ever heard of The Toyota Way? Its a set of principles outlining Toyota’s approach to Continuous Improvement (CI) and a model for other organizations who strive for operational efficiency. The 14-part Manifesto focuses on two key areas: people and process. People will not thrive without a company culture based on respect and processes will ossify without continuous improvement. CI adheres to a variety of philosophies and approaches all of which circle back to these two core elements, people and process.


Michal Rosik · 28. 09. 2018 · Best Practices

How to Ease Process Mining Woes with Proof of Concept (POC)

Process Mining demonstrates its greatest value from a long haul perspective. The technology is scalable and lends itself to building economies of scale. However, Process Mining can prove intimidating from a financial and change management point of view. For this reason, starting with Proof of Concept (POC) or Minimal Viable Product (MVP) are attractive first steps towards a more profound digital transformation. POCs and MVPs allow an organization to go for a sprint in preparation for the marathon.