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Richard Lipovsky · 06. 06. 2019 · Process mining,RPA

Why Process Mining is Necessary at all Stages of RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and process mining enhance each other. Advancements in digitalization, business intelligence, and leveraging data in general have contributed to the meteoric rise of both RPA and process mining in recent years. And now the time has come to put both technologies to use in your business.


Jana Gregusova · 04. 06. 2019 · Best Practices,Process mining

How to Prepare Your Data for a Process Mining Project

Process mining software has the astounding ability to mine nearly any type of data from almost any system. If you hunt for a shortcoming, you’ll find it only in data which goes undocumented or exists outside a system — paper logs, word of mouth, scribbles on a notepad — which essentially do not exist at all! Even data from call centers, which covers voice related data, can be mined with process mining software.


Michal Rosik · 30. 05. 2019 · Best Practices

3 Ways How Process Mining Powers Digital Transformation

Today’s global business market is full of uncertainty. This is leading more and more large companies to look inward for ways to cut costs and increase efficiency to build a more resilient and sustainable foundation for the future. Simultaneously, local markets are growing ever more competitive, continuing the push toward digital transformation for small and medium businesses to better serve an increasingly tech savvy customer base at home.

Minit-How to Build a Team for Process Mining Software Selection

Jana Gregusova · 28. 05. 2019 · Best Practices,Process mining

How to Build a Team for Process Mining Software Selection

Now that you’ve built a solid process mining business case, it’s time to build a team for selecting the right process mining software. Finding and vetting the right technology partner is an important step in a process transformation. Not seriously considering the compatibility of your organization with technology partners can lead to negative repercussions down the line, such as incompatible systems, poorly managed expectations, and failure to reach goals.