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5 Bottlenecks of Your Daily Life Where Process Mining is Not a Solution

5 Bottlenecks of Your Daily Life Where Process Mining is Not a Solution Bottles2

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Not only businesses are all about streamlined processes, everyday life runs in processes too.

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    Often, we get quite nerdy on you. Chasing you and explaining topics such as Process Mining, RPA, operational excellence, and similar, is the right way to get you on board and help you understand where the potential for your company's better performance lies.

    Yet, sometimes we owe you a break. So here it is.

    Today, we'll be walking in your shoes a bit and zooming in on the processes of your daily life.


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    What Is a Bottleneck?

    In business, everything that hinders your workflow and affects process streamline, is called a bottleneck. You come across them often: be it the boss that needs to approve your purchase request, waiting for a system upgrade, an inexperienced colleague, unstructured data, and much more.

    Once a bottleneck occurs in your business process, you need to tackle it and try to find a solution. Otherwise not only the team will suffer from frustration, but your overall results will be challenging to meet.

    Here, Minit is your weapon of choice as it clearly and transparently shows you where the bottlenecks emerge and what is the cause.

    Bottlenecks Of an Ordinary Day

    Yet, life -- as you've probably found out already -- is not that straightforward.

    Nor are the bottlenecks you encounter as a part of it.

    A caveat here! We're not saying these life bottlenecks are necessarily bad ones and you should try to avoid them at all cost. Flip them into an opportunity, instead! Here are a few examples.


    Living in a big city? You know the drill. Stuck in traffic all morning on your way to work, and the same on your way home. Argh!

    What can you do in the meantime? Educate yourself by listening to a podcast.



    The neverending uploading circle, the unresponsive website, the Excel sheet not saving automatically. All of these, and so many more frustrating events happen when youurrr iiiinterneeet --- proooov--iiiiider-- is---ha---ving----issuuuuuess...

    What can you do in the meantime? Call your mom and find out how she's been doing.



    The truth is, business meetings are not always the best way to solve issues and tackle problems. Quite often, they are those exact instances that hinder your workflow from being streamlined.

    What can you do in the meantime? Well, honestly, not much if you don't have the option to skip the meeting.


    Getting Anywhere on Time with Kids

    Picking up a kid from school, waiting while they tie their shoes? Kind of a bottleneck, right? Yet, there is a quick fix to this: take a break, enjoy that special moment and appreciate it. That's it. Simple as that. And don’t forget to take a photo. Or...


    The tricky part about everyday life comes when you forget something. Car keys forgotten at home, forgotten items from the grocery store before cooking dinner, no cash when at a farmers’ market, and so on. Memory can create loads of bottleneck in our daily lives.

    What to do about them? Writing it all down, keeping things in one place, learning new habits.

    See? We're not saying every process should be highly efficient and streamlined, especially those that bring other value.

    Yet, in business, you can't afford to stick around with broken and ill-working processes. There's no space for waiting or horsing around.

    To stay competitive and in the game, you need to guarantee that the processes clearly flow from one end to the other.

    And for that, yours truly Minit is here to help.

    Photo by Bhavyesh Acharya on Unsplash

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