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Andrew Morris Joins Minit As Chief Sales Officer

  • 05. 11. 2021

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In response to the growing demand for its process mining solution, Minit hires Andrew Morris, a well-rounded sales leader with 20 years of experience, as a new Chief Sales Officer.

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    As a Leader according to both Everest Group and NelsonHall, Minit helps companies like TELUS, Stora Enso, Hartmann, or Telecom Argentina find inefficiencies in their processes and make data-driven decisions to save costs from day one. 

    Andrew Morris will lead Minit's growing sales function, expand its presence on international markets and show benefits of Minit's technology to an increasing number of enterprise customers interested in Process Mining. 

    “Process Mining is a critical piece in the digital transformation journey that companies are going through. Every company can benefit from Process Mining, and it is a privilege to join the market leader, especially one experiencing such growth,” said Andrew Morris. “My vision is to build out a customer-centric team, both Minit and our partners, that will support and accelerate the adoption of Process Mining and deliver the value on its full potential.”

    Morris comes from his previous roles as a VP of Sales at various data-, cloud- and AI-related SaaS companies, including, Moogsoft, Splunk, and Tibco. Over the years, he has advised clients & partners and coached team members on business value, business case models, financial investment, and strategic benefits. 

    He has been responsible for leading the sales team across the globe with the focus on driving a customer-obsessed culture and building world-class sales teams.

    “I’m delighted to have Andrew join us as Chief Sales Officer. I’ve worked with him before and was impressed by not just his knowledge and ability around all aspects of sales, but the energy and vigour he brings to the team every single day. Like me, rugby played a large part in Andrew’s formative years, and that commitment to teamwork, graft, and excellence really shows. He’s a great addition to the company” commented James Dening, Minit CEO.


    About Minit

    Minit, a Leader in the process mining market according to Everest Group and NelsonHall, enables businesses to achieve seamless operations by uncovering opportunities for higher operational efficiency.

    Its customer-first approach, flexible solution deployment, and risk-free model empower process experts as well as business stakeholders to quickly understand their processes and implement data-driven improvements from day one. Customers claim that Minit's award-winning solution and its features such as AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis, Simulations, or patent-pending Hierarchical Process Mining are critical for them in gaining a competitive edge in the market.

    Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and backed by global Venture Capital firms Salesforce Ventures, Earlybird VC, Target Global, and OTB Ventures, Minit transforms the way its customers approach continuous process improvement. As a fast-growing company, it's headquartered in Amsterdam with offices in New York, London, and Bratislava. Through its extensive network of partners, Minit serves customers all around the world.

    Learn more about Minit at See the solution in action at

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