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How BDO Netherlands Used Minit to Tackle Clients' Challenges


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BDO Netherlands is an individual branch of the international network of public accounting, tax, consulting, and business advisory, which belongs to the top-five audit and accounting firms, globally. 

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    Established in 1963, BDO has grown into a $8 billion+ business in over 160 countries with a headcount exceeding 80k. The name BDO came to be in 1973 as an abbreviation of the initials of three founding firms: Binder (UK), Dijker (Netherlands), and Otte (Germany).

    2018 BDO Netherlands figures:

    How BDO Netherlands Used Minit to Tackle Clients Challenges Figures

    BDO Netherlands' Clients and Services

    With 19 offices in the country, BDO Netherlands provides services in the field of audit and assurance, tax consultancy, accountancy, and business advisory

    Among their clients, you can find both SMEs and high-net-worth individuals, as well as Dutch and international businesses and listed companies, or public organizations. The portfolio of industry knowledge is vast, including such industries as pharmacies, food, media, telco, healthcare, automotive, real estate, and many more. 

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    BDO Netherlands and Process Mining

    BDO understands the value of Process Mining. 

    As the partner at BDO Advisory and digital transformation specialist in this area, David Bos, put in an interview, “ongoing improvements in data analysis and process mining can help companies to predict and respond quickly to consumer behavior.” 

    The Analytics team at BDO Netherlands decided to use Minit Process. For an auction house, they helped with analyzing and fixing the finance function and for a Netherlands' construction company, the aim was to improve the OTC process.

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    Auction House Use Case

    The auction house's Shared Service Centers in the Netherlands provide financial services for the enterprise worldwide. For the organization, BDO looked into fixing the finance function through Process Mining analysis.

    For Process Mining purposes, the team used data from three different datasets. Once they had the process map in hand, they compared it to a BPMN model to find distinct differences between happy path and real flows of the process

    These Process Mining initiatives led to the following discoveries:

    • Over 2000 variants of the process existed, while the first 20 variants accounted for less than 30% of all cases, which is a quite high number. “Usually you would like to see that 10 to 20 of the variants take care of 80% of the cases,” said Sander Rurup, Senior Data Analyst and Analytics Team Manager at BDO Netherlands;
    • Over 200 resources were involved and it was unclear if they were actual individual employees or whether one employee was using multiple accounts;
    • Even though the organization was not keen on using purchase orders (PO) as they thought it would slow the process, one particular variant used PO and showed that the process ran quicker in the end.

    Construction Company Use Case

    With robust ERP systems in place, construction companies' administration can be very complex. And so, the data used for Process Mining led the team to the initial overview of a complicated spaghetti process map

    When the analytics team dove into the process and its subprocesses, they managed to identify several critical findings:

    • “Admin-admin” account was used in 20% of the cases, which is a number that “no external accountant would be happy about”, according to Mr. Rurup;
    • Multiple payments were made with the same ID;
    • Bank accounts were changed prior to the payments and after the payments were made. As Mr. Rurup put it, thanks to the strengths of Minit, they managed to easily track down 9 such cases.

    So where does the Analytics Team of BDO Netherlands see the greatest value of Minit Process Mining? 

    With Minit Process Mining, you can very easily delve into process details. There are a lot of different ways you can slice and dice your OTC and P2P cycles. Process Mining is a super interesting way to go about it.

    Sander Rurup, Senior Data Analyst and Analytics Team Manager at BDO Netherlands

    Photo by Javier M. on Unsplash

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