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Process Mining grew up a lot in 2019. What about 2020?

Table of Contents

    From an industry sailing on hype — Process Mining, cool! It will solve all our problems! — to real business applications and problem solving — aha, Process Mining requires data integrity, planning, and hard work — the technology has matured over 2019. 

    Download Process Mining Trends in 2020

    Process Mining helps companies achieve the two most common business goals which transcend industry, location, business model, or company size: 

    • make better, faster business decisions, and 
    • operate to the fullest potential. 

    To reflect on where we’ve been as an industry, community, and software solution, and see where we’re heading in the next year, we wrote the guide Process Mining Trends in 2020.

    It starts by looking at the Current State of Process Mining in 2019, and moves onto what we can expect from Process Mining technology in 2020. 

    Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the predictions we cover. 

    Non-Traditional Industry Use

    Banks and retails dominate, and will continue to dominate, Process Mining usage. But interest has sparked in other industries which are process-focused — think healthcare, logistics, HR, and even food service. 

    Short Gains to Long Term Strategy

    In connection with new tech hype, Process Mining survived the phase of being just a new shiny toy. 2020 will see more businesses shift from short term gains to long term strategy, and view Process Mining software as a permanent BPM tool. 

    Robotic Process Automation

    Businesses which deployed Robotic Process Automation this year, should keep a particular eye on process deviations. Once a process step is automated, and beyond the day-to-day oversight of human users, the use of Process Mining for continuous monitoring is critical.  

    Be Part of the Process Mining Future

    Ready to learn more about the future of Process Mining? Download our guide, Process Mining Trends in 2020.

    We first take you on a review of 2019 to discuss the current state of investment and use cases, and then move on to predicting trends for 2020.

    Together with clients, prospects, and partners, Minit Process Mining will continue to mature and push the envelope even more next year.

    Thank you for being part of our journey in 2019!


    What’s in store for Process Mining in 2020?

    Download the guide to understand where Process Mining is now, and see where it's headed next in 2020.

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    Written by Michal Rosik Michal Rosik is the Chief Product Officer & Product Visionary here at Minit. Check out his articles!