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Government Officials Agree that US Companies Can Benefit from Process Mining

  • 10. 10. 2019
Government-Officials-Agree-that-US-Companies-can-Benefit-from-Process-Mining-Capitol-Hill compressed

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What do US Government Officials and Process Mining have in common? Minit.

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    Last week, Officials of the United States Government, Marian Volent, Martina Zemberova, and D.R. Seckinger, came to Minit’s office to learn more about the company’s Process Mining software.

    Our CEO, Rasto Hlavac, hosted the diplomats from Energy, Trade, and Economics.


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    Process Mining Introduction

    These Diplomatic visitors are always on the hunt for innovations that will benefit companies across the US, increasing financial strength for the economic powerhouse.

    Rasto showed a demo of the software in action. Both the CEO and the Government Officials discussed that in addition to being a robust tool, the dashboards make it dynamic and easy to use.  

    The CEO's presentation covered multiple areas, including:

    • Process Mining Overview - what the new technology brings to the table and how it can help businesses
    • Minit Solution - how Minit is embracing Process Mining and providing value in terms of process efficiency, cost reduction, and higher revenues
    • Key Software Advantages - what sets Minit apart from other companies in the market and what is its unique value proposition
    • Use Cases - where companies can implement Process Mining, including such instances as O2C, P2P, RPA, and more
    • Target Industries - various industries ripe for Process Mining, including telco, manufacturing, energy, and banking

    Getting Ready for Streamlined and Efficient Processes 

    The session turned into an open discussion where both sides offered up useful insights and vision of the future for Process Mining in the US. Additionally, the Officials offered support, advice and strategic tips to Minit, while on the mission of expansion to the US territory in Q1 of 2020.

    Government Officials Agree that US Companies can Benefit from Process Mining Group Photo
    From left: D.R. Seckinger, Rasto Hlavac, Martina Zemberova, Marian Volent

    Gaining full visibility and transparency into processes will allow masters of industry in the US to optimize their businesses. This will ensure the increase of revenues, reduction in costs, and preparation of the processes for potential Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementation.

    The CEO also received an invitation to attend an upcoming USA Select Summit in 2020, where the private and public sectors will have organized meetings with software and tech companies, such as Minit. 

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