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Introducing Hierarchical Process Mining and Process Simulation. What's in It for You?


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We listened carefully to you and over the last couple of months, Minit product team has worked tirelessly to deliver.

Table of Contents

    Today, we're happy to introduce two new features that will help you further improve your business processes:

    1. Process Simulation
    2. Hierarchical Process Mining

    Read more and learn how you can benefit from them.

    1. Risk-Free Data-Based Decisions with Process Simulation

    Have you ever tried to optimize a process?

    With so many variables, it's not an easy task, right? Which ones to adjust? And how?

    A large number of steps and inputs, each affecting the other, can lead to an unintentional decrease of overall process performance.

    Apply Process Simulation to an existing process and its respective variables – from resources dedicated to a task, to man hour rate, working hours and days, to distribution of process starts, task duration, and others – and immediately see the impact of potential changes on the process before going live.

    Introducing Hierarchical Process Mining and Process Simulation. Whats in It for You Process Simulation
    Minit Process Simulation

    Once the simulation confirms that the assumed change delivers the desired results, you know what changes to make and how to optimize the process.

    This allows you to make a risk-free decision, based on data, not assumptions.

    All in all, Minit Process Simulation will help you:

    • test your process optimization hypothesis,
    • see the impact on overall process
      performance before going live,
    • understand change consequences beforehand,
    • see and edit the new process as a standardized BPMN diagram.
    To learn more about Process Simulation, watch the webinar with our CPO Michal Rosik
    Introducing Hierarchical Process Mining and Process Simulation. Whats in It for You Process Simulation Webinar

    Process Simulation Webinar

    See the impact of changes applied to processes before going live and optimize them without risk.

    2. New Dimension in Understanding Processes with Hierarchical Process Mining

    Which team is responsible for which action? How does the process flow among departments, business units, or even outside of them? Or among IT systems and applications?

    To guide you in answering these questions, we developed a unique, patent-pending technology: Hierarchical Process Mining, which represents a new dimension in process map interpretation & simplification.

    Hierarchical Process Mining is a beauty and the beast feature, giving you the beauty of simplification to identify the areas of interest. At the same time, it's the beast tearing those areas apart, revealing all the details.

    Introducing Hierarchical Process Mining and Process Simulation. Whats in It for You Hierarchical Process Mining
    Minit Hierarchical Process Mining

    With Hierarchical Process Mining, you will:

    • See which process activities are executed on which level of the company structure, website structure, running systems and applications, or any other activity levels,
    • Obtain aggregated data and a process map adjusted to the desired level (e.g. by subsidiary, division, sub-division, department, team, etc.),
    • Drill down or zoom out levels based on respective hierarchy,
    • Understand where to focus and what managerial level (VP, director, team-lead, or others) talk to in your organization in order to apply process improvements.

    Want to learn more? Visit our Hierarchical Process Mining and Process Simulation pages, and see for yourself.

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    Written by Michal Tomek Michal Tomek is a Writer & Content Manager here at Minit. Check out his articles!