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Introducing the Minit Academy

  • 15. 01. 2020
Introducing the Minit Academy Cover 2

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During our 2019 Minit Partner Meeting, our very own explainer specialist, Norbert Bozoky, announced the launch of the Minit Academy.

Now it’s official: the Minit Academy is here!

Table of Contents

    It couldn’t have come at a better time, since the demand for Process Mining is increasing, and we’re ready to help businesses and partners alike build stronger, more streamlined processes.

    What’s in Store...

    ...for Minit Partners?

    The Minit Academy was originally intended for partner certification. Through its success, we’ve discovered a scalable solution that accelerates and unifies partner knowledge and competency.

    The platform establishes one location where Minit partner’s can receive Process Mining education, check their individual progress, and receive certifications on a recurring basis in order to maintain regular updates on each topic.

    It’s open to resellers of Minit, both existing and those interested in expanding their portfolio of solutions, providing new leads and cooperation with companies within their network.

    Introducing the Minit Academy 3Minit Academy Main Page

    ...for Minit Clients?

    The Minit Academy will also be available for clients, as an effort to improve the customer journey, teach them how to effectively utilize Process Mining within their organization, as well as provide a better adoption experience with the software.

    In turn, the aim is to raise awareness and spread the word about Process Mining, since a scalable educational solution unlocks an ecosystem of self-service, re-education and the community of like-minded enthusiasts to match.

    In addition, the Academy will be refilled periodically with new content based on analysis-related, work-specific approaches, various courses, tips and tricks, and more.

    The gamification engine built into the learning software introduces a play feature, making something quite tedious into something more exciting, rewarding with points and badges.

    Try Minit Academy Now

    Asynchronous learning allows progress at your own pace whenever, wherever.

    There’s even an improvement to the learning curve on how to work with Minit, since there’s no need to spend five days at a training event. Current bare minimum is two hours (four on average).

    Academy is available as an app for smartphones and tablets, or online in any browser.

    Sign up at to get started or download a mobile app available both in App Store and Google Play.

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