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Message From CEO: Standing With Those That Need Help During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • 07. 05. 2020
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For the past few weeks, it has felt like we've all been living in a different world. Therefore, I would like to reach out to you in a more personal way today.

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    At Minit, we learned how to operate from our homes all around the globe, moving our meetings and calls to online space. And it works surprisingly well.

    All our operations, customer support, consultants, as well as developers and marketing and executive teams, are fully functional. We are here for our customers and partners every day.

    Yet, as a company, we need to go a step further and step up to help those who are on the front line of the fight with the pandemic. To do so, we are:

    1. Committed to donating 1% of the value of our sold licenses to a major organization fighting COVID-19. As the first step, we've already made our first direct donation helping people in the first line of defense. Together, we'll be able to provide them with items they need most -- from safety masks, protective gloves and disinfectants to respirators and non-contact thermometers.
    2. Giving Minit licenses for free until the end of 2020 to the hospitals that need it the most today. Minit technology can help them see where the operations can be optimized, where the doctors and nurses are needed most, or better manage the patients registration process, and much more. Learn more about the offering in the section below. If you are or work with a hospital that would benefit from it, please reach out to us at

    We are aware it's not only about the acute health crisis caused by the coronavirus. Once we win this battle -- and we will -- another one is creeping behind the corner: an economic downturn.

    In the pursuit of preserving cash, COOs and CFOs will need to make miracles in cutting costs, reorganizing processes, and streamlining operations.

    We understand our mission of supporting such business initiatives. So be sure we'll be there for you. We'll help you find ways to cut operational costs, set up your business processes anew, and prepare you for getting out of this crisis stronger. As always, you can count on us.

    Now, before you go, let me wish you strong health, creative mind, and never-ending positivity that will get us through these dark times to brighter tomorrows.

    Stay safe and sound!
    Rasto Hlavac, CEO at Minit

    Free Minit Licences for Hospitals

    We’ve seen it in Italy, Spain, and other countries fighting COVID-19 - unprecedented pressure on hospitals. They need to know how to organize the incoming patients, set up the workflow, redesign wards, and make it all work as smoothly as possible.

    Here’s where Minit can make a difference. Our technology will analyze hospital's actual processes, help optimize them, test the adjusted process hypothesis through process simulation and put it in real life.

    That way, the hospitals can avoid unnecessary steps, decrease the duration of emergency management, improve tasks assignment and staff distribution, streamline cooperation across the departments, shorten the decision-making process, all-in-all resulting in the best possible patient treatment.

    Some of the possible use cases of Minit Process Mining in healthcare include:

    • More efficient and better organized patients admission,
    • Units capacity simulations for various scenarios of the future pandemic development,
    • Comparison of the “happy path" of hospital processes and the real clinical process performance to better distribute scarce resources (nurses, doctors,…),
    • Calculations and simulations of increase in patients waiting time if one variable is changed,
    • Finding the tasks in patients admissions process that could be easily automated with Robotic Process Automation,
    • Learning how patients diagnosis-treatment cycles differ from the approved standards and guidelines,
    • Data-driven clustering of healthcare processes,
    • Simulation of changes in the hospital processes to make the right decision before going live.

    We believe Minit can give a helping hand to hospitals in all these situations. That's why we are providing our licenses for free until the end of 2020 to the hospitals that are under pressure from COVID-19.

    If you are a hospital and think Minit could help you, approach us at, and we’ll get back to you to discuss details.

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    Written by Rasto Hlavac Rasto Hlavac is the CEO & Founder here at Minit. Check out his articles!