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Minit 5.1 Release:
What's New, What's Fixed?


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Minit 5.1 is here and with it comes a new Business Rules feature, as well as upgrades and fixes to the existing Minit Analyst and Dashboards functionalities. Join us to find out more.

Table of Contents

    To download the latest version of Minit software, click on our software download page.

    Business Rules

    New Business Rules feature allows you to evaluate and score custom calculations with user-defined thresholds and limits. Available categories are "Error", "Warning", "OK", or "Unknown".

    Business Rules are defined in process context, and thus are available in each process view. By default, Business Rules are calculated over actual view data, but you can the narrow data set by additional business rule filters.

    To learn the details of Business Rules, head to the product feature page here.

    Business Rules Definition

    Process Simulations

    Process Simulations quickly became one of the most desired modules of Minit and we are dedicated to improving it further.

    Current release introduces several changes to move the Simulations experiences to the next level:

    • Normal, Lognormal, Triangular - the list of case arrival distributions felt like second graduation. A statistics master's degree is no longer needed to simulate the past. We are introducing Original arrival distribution, which starts cases in the exactly precise manner as they have started in the past - just pick your timespan out of the original event-log and push the Simulate button.

    • Some users have specific simulation scenario in mind, others just want to try different options. The later would like to see the impact of their What-If scenarios immediately, without the need to import the simulated event-log and comparing it in a new process view.  Simulation results have been redesignedand summary performance/cost comparison to the original process model is now just a single on/off switch ahead. Not getting the expected ROI? No problem. Just change the configuration and re-simulate!

    • Financial attributes and cost simulation were visible in the summary Simulation result, but not synced with resulting simulation event-log. That is no longer the case and financial attributes are transferred to the newly imported simulation process as well.

    On top of that, we added several bug-fixes and performance improvements (for details, read further).

    The standard deployment of Minit is still using Microsoft Azure based simulation engine to run your what-if scenarios.

    Based on your feedback, we do offer an on-premises simulation engine installation, using a Docker image. Interested? Just contact our for further details and deployment support.

    Screenshot: Process Simulation

    Custom Metrics 

    Powerful Custom Metrics calculation engine is expanded again with new (context) calculation modes and useful operators like MAXVAL, ALL or ANY.

    New context modes allow users to combine data among process, view, and business rule data sets. For Case Metric and Event Metric filters user can use expression to evaluate non-aggregated events within single case.

    Screenshot: Custom Metrics

    Improvements & Bug Fixes

    Minit Analyst

    • Project rights visible to the user (Improvement)
    • Unable to save changes in BPMN model in What-If simulation settings (Fix)
    • Connection test to SQL Server (e.g. in Connection configuration) returns generic error message without details (Fix)
    • Case level attributes can be incorrectly used for map clusters/hierarchy (Fix)
    • Option to display results of unfinished task (Fix)
    • Missing error message when clustering attribute is no longer available in data set after data refresh (Fix)
    • Incorrect values displayed in Case Overview statistic panel charts for "Active cases over time" metrics (Fix)
    • Low performance for time picker control for large time span values (Fix)
    • Missing error message about unsupported clustering for Spring and Multi-Scale social chart layouts (Fix)
    • Process info panel is missing information about actual process columns like data type or financial attributes (Fix)
    • View Settings icon indicates changes despite the default values (Fix)
    • Import wizard does not notify user about unsupported compression method used in imported file (Fix)
    • Unable to edit last resource in What-If Simulation settings panel (Fix)
    • What-If simulation does not set default instances count based on current filtered view (Fix)
    • Leading and trailing space characters in activities are not trimmed (Fix)
    • Import wizard reset the default date to 1st January year 1 (Fix)
    • Import process continues after failed file upload due to connection timeout (Fix)
    • Incorrect values in Edge statistics (Fix)
    • Default setting for collapsed/expanded map clusters is not applied (Fix)
    • Column names in Statistic panels are not translated (Fix)
    • Unable to run simulation for clusters and hierarchical maps (Fix)
    • Details panel displays financial attributes in shortened/rounded values (Fix)
    • Minit fails to import What-if simulation log (Fix)
    • Connection timeout in Case duration influence statistics panel (Fix)
    • Added missing column Loop (%) in statistics panel for activity (Fix)
    • Custom metrics TOTIME function uses incorrect time units (hours instead of minutes, minutes instead of seconds, ...) (Fix)

    Minit Dashboards 

    • Notification message added - If you want to use new functionality for already created analysis, it is required to update data using a republish of the process view from Minit Analyst to Minit Dashboards (Improvement)
    • Warning message that exporting of process map extension is not supported (Improvement)
    • If certificate import fails, user can continue to the next step and import certificate manually later (Improvement)
    • Case-level attribute string type is exported to the table of Cases. Please note, that it is required to update current analysis created with these attributes and re-add them manually (Fix)
    • User can not save a view as private when the view is already published in Minit Dashboards (Fix)
    • Visualization of paths and edges in Process map widget (Fix)
    • Process map controls behavior during Variants DNA filtering (Fix)

    Want to download the latest version of Minit software? Click on our software download page.

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    Written by Michal Rosik Michal Rosik is the Chief Product Officer & Product Visionary here at Minit. Check out his articles!