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Minit 5.2: AI-Powered Root-Cause Analysis, Dashboards Templates, And More (+All Fixes & Improvements)

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Minit 5.2 comes with a new AI-Powered Root-Cause Analysis functionality, Dashboards Templates, Process Map Widget for Process Comparison, and much more. 

Table of Contents

    AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

    Minit has always been a Process Intelligence market challenger.

    We’ve been continuously innovating and introducing features which encapsulate modern technologies into a fine-tuned, easy-to-use and visually compelling features. We love to work on features until we are completely sure they are ready for our users.

    The usage of AI in Process Intelligence and Process Mining is not a new topic, but it is a topic to be considered and implemented carefully and with focus.

    Minit v5.2 introduces an automatic AI-Powered Root-Cause Analysis, a functionality that goes beyond the simple “How” and dives into the “Why” of a process analysis.

    RCA can find and explain why things happen in the processes exactly as you can see in the process model. It evaluates all the different influences on individual metrics of the model. RCA learns from your dataset every time you refresh it and improves with time and additional data. Thanks to the performance of cutting edge Minit algorithms, we can compute the RCA on the fly and display the results in a visually engaging way – just as you are used to with Minit. And yes, no cloud needed.

    Simply dive into your process and you’ll be only a click away from the knowledge hidden in your data. Learn more about the functionality here.

    AI-Powered Root-Cause Analysis

    AI-Powered Root-Cause Analysis

    Minit Dashboards Templates 

    Minit Dashboards Templates are pre-defined Demo sheets for particular process views that the system creates automatically when the process view is published to Minit Dashboards.

    They can ease the analysis creation process, while also enabling the users to start faster and speed up the deployment. Templates are automatically created for a single process view, as well as for compared views.

    The Demo sheet is an automatically created public sheet for each application in Dashboards. It consists of various objects such as Process Map Widget, Variants DNA Widget, Bar Chart with Monthly Inflow (# of cases), KPI Widget for AVG Case Duration Measure. and Pivot Table for comparing the resources.

    This functionality helps you understand how process analysis can be created within Minit Dashboards. It is also possible to duplicate the Demo sheet and use it for a new analysis with already created objects.

    Dashboards Demo Templates

    Minit Dashboards

    Process Map Widget for Process Compare 

    The Process Compare feature allows for an intuitive and efficient comparison of processes.

    In Minit Analyst, the user can compare views of various processes or different views generated from a single process (e.g. for different periods of time).

    Once ready, the system allows also publishing of the process comparison to Minit Dashboards. Once the data is published to Minit Dashboards, the user can compare the processes at the level of the process map as well. Generated visualization helps identify the differences in the flow and frequency or time metrics.

    Process Map Widget can be set up as a Compare Widget by switching from “Standard” to “Compare”. When you are in the edit mode, click on Widget and change it in the Process Map Settings.

    Process Compare Widget 2

    Process Compare

    Project Export and Import with Minit Dashboards Applications

    Project Export and Import functionality in Minit Analyst supports possibility to export and import already created Minit Dashboards Applications. With this new Dashboards feature, user can speed up project deployment process, minimize manual effort and also reduce cost for process analytics.

    Process Simulation

    Dry-running “what-if” scenarios has become one of the most popular Minit features. Apart from celebrating it, it also means continuous feedback collection and improvements.

    In version 5.2, we are introducing even better Process Simulation (both online and offline), including:

    • Improved support for simulations of a single timestamp process models: Minit has always supported a variety of event log data – single timestamp, two timestamp, and no timestamp datasets as well (so researchers can also use their special process traces). Simulations are now on par with the rest of Minit.
    • Unlimited resources: Simulations are based on assigning activities to available resources. But that is not the case with automated or semi-automated processes, where BPM engines are able to assign tasks to overloaded resources into their task lists. Process Simulations in v5.2 now do support this and not only that - simulation engine returns the number of required resources as a result!
    • Simulation compare: We work hard on our UX, but there are features which are just more complex than others. Process Simulations now provide a brand new UX experience in the area of detailed comparison of original process to process simulation. Plus, it is now possible to compare multiple simulations run on top of the same process model and easily evaluate the best-of-breed scenario.

    Overcome your fear of wrong decisions by dry-running the process changes with our improved Process Simulations and let us know your feedback.


    Process Simulation

    Custom Metrics

    Powerful Custom Metrics calculation engine is expanded again with new operators to support rework and calendar calculations.

    New rework operators like ISLOOP, REWORKCOUNT, or OCCURRENCE not only bring standard rework metrics into custom metrics, but also provide extended functionality with the rework analysis.

    Rework operators support rework metrics calculations over any attribute, e.g. resource, supplier name, region etc. (not only activity). As part of rework enhancement, we also added FIRST/FIRSTIF and LAST/LASTIF operators to simply filter our first or last events in cases meeting given criteria. Complete list of the new rework operators is listed among custom metric operators in application help.

    New calendar operators like ISWORKINGHOUR, ISWORKINGDAY, ISPUBLICHOLIDAY, or DURATIONCALENDAR allows users to score timestamps according to actual calendar settings. Now it is easy to filter out cases which started outside working days.

    New conditional aggregation operators like AVGIF, MINIF, MAXIF and etc. cover missing gap in calculation of aggregation values over data set with certain criteria. Previously only SUMIF was available.

    Other improvements in custom metrics include:

    • Custom metrics are now available in process compare,
    • Custom metric draft – save incomplete custom metric expression for later finalization/fix.


    Custom Metrics

    Filter Export/Import

    Filters now can be exported and imported to be easily re-used in another views or project. Users don’t need to re-create the same filters in various projects. Filter import provides mapping wizard to replace references to original attributes and custom metrics to actual ones in current process.

    Timespan Data Type

    Timespan is a special datatype denoting the length of time span between 2 dates. There are several types of formats used to define duration:

    • Timespan format - denoted as d.hh:mm:ss.fff (number of days, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds)
    • Seconds fraction - denoted as ss,fff (decimal number defining the length in number of seconds and it's fractions - miliseconds)

    Timespan values are displayed in Minit, e.g. in Variants > Case table, in format d.hh:mm:ss.fff.

    Previously TimeSpan data type was named Duration. Display format of Duration data type shared the same display format with the date time, which led to inaccurate displays of 1st January year 0001.

    Import Wizard

    Handling large data files is costly in terms of memory and time consumption. Several improvements have been implemented in Import Wizard to notify user about the processing status:

    • Added information about process memory consumption during import – see "Process import settings review" panel
    • Increased file upload speed from Minit Analyst Client to Minit Analyst Server
    • Progress bars on various import operations – upload file, data source creation and import process data
    • Improved progress information notification.


    • Advanced Details panel in Process Map screen supports ascending/descending sorting list of nodes.
    • Enhanced warning message when the user rights are changed.
    • Enhanced warning message when the user wants to access a newly created application in Dashboards.
    • Hierarchical Process Map Options on Process Map Widget.
    • List of variants offers display of all or selected variants only.
    • Minit Dashboards stream name can be changed in the Process Context menu.
    • Notification about required republish for process view that is already published to Minit Dashboards was added.
    • Process Clone functionality supports cloning with Minit Dashboards. If you want to proceed with the data refresh while cloning the process, it is required to publish refreshed data to Dashboards manually.
    • Project export always contains Process Context providing full process analysis for imported project.

    Bug Fixes

    • Incorrect MINVAL usage indication when unsupported attribute is used as function argument.
    • Advanced details panel in Process map screen displays incorrect icon for predecessors/successors switch.
    • Application stopped working after pressing TAB key in Project Hub screen.
    • BPMN Editor allows to set gateway probability for all paths in total over 100%.
    • BPMN editor does not show saved changes.
    • BPMN editor in “What-If” simulations allows to enter duplicate or empty activity names.
    • Business rule error severity is not visible on red background.
    • Business rule evaluation stops in some Minit Server configuration.
    • Business rule severities with custom expressions are not evaluated correctly.
    • Charts in Statistics panel display unconfigured duration values regardless of the actual view settings.
    • Creating filter using filter shortcut on Statistics panel creates empty filter with no pre-selected values.
    • Custom metric applicability for Attributes conditional filter is not displayed correctly.
    • Custom metric date time values in Statistics panel are exported to CSV without the millisecond part.
    • Custom metric editor does not show autocomplete tool-tips for a mixed-case user input.
    • Custom metric rounds up FLOAT data type sub-result to INT if other sub-result in INT in custom metric expression causing lost precision.
    • Custom metrics editor does not syntax highlight for case insensitive expressions.
    • Custom metrics operator TODATE() returns integer numeric value instead of date.
    • Data refresh with missing attributes used in hierarchies prevents to work with existing views.
    • Deleting filters in View may cause application shutdown.
    • Duration picker popup control does not pre-load data values from selected duration field UI control in the filter definition.
    • Edge slider in Process map Customize panel is disabled after switching auto sliders (activities & paths) on the top of the same panel.
    • Editing the Custom metric used in filter allows to enter incorrect calculation context.
    • Empty activity nodes are displayed after data refresh with missing display attribute.
    • Failed to import project with business rules.
    • Filter expression might change due to repeated filter selection.
    • High memory consumption for changing number of displayed most frequent values.
    • Import wizard allows to connect to previously selected but deleted database table as data source.
    • Import wizard allows to import event log file with empty attribute name.
    • Import Wizard error message does not contain attribute name for attribute specific issues.
    • List of countries for calendar holidays contains unsupported counters (e.g. Angola, India).
    • Missing column "Total duration (%)" in CSV export from Statistics panel.
    • Missing refresh button on Project Hub screen for some users.
    • Missing tooltip for the Activities on Variants DNA Widget.
    • Missing warning about custom metrics with process level scope. Process level custom metrics are applicable only as part of Business Rules and can't be used separately in Process Context.
    • Missing warning to the user about unsaved changes in Process Context.
    • Recent import option in Import wizard does not warn the user about changed data source structure.
    • Reconnecting to Minit application on Statistics panel via Remote Desktop Connection causes application to shut down.
    • The result of Export task is not displayed in the task notification bar.
    • The statistics panel displayed incorrect name "Value" for selected attribute in the column header.
    • The statistics panel does not display information invalid process data.
    • The statistics panel does not display minus sign "-" for negative values for custom metric columns.
    • Timeframe filter shows empty chart after multiple selection of filtering criteria.
    • Unable to open view in cloned process, which was imported as part of older project.
    • The user is unable to exit View which was deleted by another user.
    • The user with full rights to a shared project is not able to re-simulate existing simulation.
    • View filters may get lost when importing project from previous Minit releases.
    • “What-If” simulation displays no warning about unsaved changes when going back to list of simulations.
    • Variants DNA snapshots do not show the correct state of Variants DNA Widget.

    Want to download the latest version of the Minit software? Click on our software download page.

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