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Minit 5.3: Sequence Operators, Warmup/Cooldown Period, Case Categorization, and More

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Minit 5.3 comes with Custom Metrics Sequence Operators, Simulations' Warmup/Cooldown Period, Case Categorization, Process Mining Metrics in Minit Dashboards, and more.

Table of Contents

    Custom Metrics: Sequence Operators

    New operators are added to already rich family of Custom Metrics. Now it is possible to use values from previous or next events, find nearest previous event which met the selected criteria, and so on. Check the new operators like NEXT(), NEXTIF(), PREVIOUS(), PREVIOUSIF(), MOVE() and MOVEIF() in our Help for more details.

    Simulations: Warmup/Cooldown Period

    (Exclude simulation instances from results)

    When a simulation starts, resources are all available. Therefore, the waiting times and cycle times of the first few process instances are not representative of the actual performance of the process. Only once we have produced a good amount of process instances, the resources become busy and so-called "steady state" is reached, where the waiting times and cycle times reflect the actual resource utilization of the process.

    Process Simulation

    Process Simulation

    Variant Mining Attribute

    The process map is generated using activities but may be switched into the social map to be generated by a selected resource attribute. In the same way, the variants overview can be generated using different mining attributes. This selection is independent of the selection of mining attribute on the process map.

    Case Categorization

    Case categorization allows the user to define which cases are FinishedRunningStuck, and Incompletely imported. These settings can be then used in any custom metric.

    Configurable Re-Import of Existing Process

    The existing process keeps the process configuration from the time of the process import. The user could have wrongly defined attributes or added new attributes during data refresh. Using the new tab in the Process Configuration panel enables the user to update the current process configuration without the need to re-create process analysis.

    Supported configuration updates include switch case and event-level attribute mark, convert string attributes into different data types, changing any column type assignment like activity, event start, resource, or financial attributes. Process reconfiguration is done using already imported data into Minit, so access to original data source (CSV file, DB table) is not required.

    Import from Process

    The new process can be created using the existing process as a data source. It is possible to filter the original process data and set up its own import configuration for data in the original process. Access to the data source (file, DB table, ...) of the original process is not required. For such import, data already imported and saved in Minit data storage are used.

    Changes in Process Data Structure

    During data refresh, new data source may contain different attributes than the original data source. Import (data refresh) report marks all detected changes – modifications to attribute definitions, missing or newly added attributes for easy overview for changes in the data structure. These reports can be opened any time later within the Process Configuration panel in the Data refresh history list.

    Process Mining Metrics in Minit Dashboards 

    Thanks to Analytics by Qlik, Minit Dashboards has all standard BI features and all of them work well as in any other Business Intelligence tool. Though our primary focus is Process Mining, Minit Dashboards have not supported some Process Mining-related functionalities. Until today.

    The majority of Process Mining metrics are available in Minit Analyst’s Statistics, but the challenge comes when such figures need to be displayed in Dashboards (Custom Metrics, Business Rules). It means re-creating them manually in Dashboards again, while in some cases it is not possible at all (metrics are results of a Process Mining calculation available in Analyst only). 


    Minit Dashboards

    In this latest Dashboards version 5.30, we are bringing the possibility to create a deep-dive Process Mining analysis, which can be combined with interconnected visualizations both from Process Mining and Business Intelligence: 

    • Process Map Widget is enriched with Custom Metrics and Business Rules switch, which can be used to visualize those metrics on the process map or social graph.
    • Minit Statistics Grid is a new custom object in Minit Dashboards. It provides a brief and easy-to-understand overview of the properties of a process analysis and contains information about the process through summary charts and statistics. 

    Statistics are shown in the upper part, the bottom part contains the listings of specific records displayed in the statistics. The displayed statistics always reflect filtered data – if any filters have been applied to the process view.  The user can select which statistics data will be shown in Statistics Grid. It can be set up in custom object settings section.

    • On top of that, Rework Data can be also published to Minit Dashboards via publishing wizard (when process view is published/republished to Dashboards). 

    Analyst Improvements and Bug Fixes

    • Improved: System sends information about OS via reported error message
    • FIX: Different formats of dates are used across Minit application
    • FIX: Favorites tab is missing in the Details panel for the process compare view
    • FIX: Unable to collapse cluster on the process map when collapse icon is overlaying process map elements
    • FIX: Process Simulation displays financial settings even for processes without financial attributes
    • FIX: Process Simulation does not warn users about negative financial values
    • FIX: Unable to select time unit for unformatted duration attributes in process import
    • FIX: During data refresh, there is no message about missing required DB drivers
    • FIX: Public views do not indicate usage of private calendars
    • FIX: Missing warning when changing public calendar to private and calendar is used in public views
    • FIX: Missing warning that the project views contains private calendars when exporter (user) is not owner of the private calendars
    • FIX: Adding a new custom metric during filter definition causes the removal of previously selected values in the current filter
    • FIX: Import fails when using MS SQL Stored Procedure as data source
    • FIX: Business Rules are not disabled when process data (after data refresh) is missing referenced attribute(s).
    • FIX: Custom metric is not disabled after data refresh with missing referenced attribute in the custom metric expression
    • FIX: Unable to clone process after previous process clone failure
    • FIX: Filters are not correctly applied in compare views after data refresh
    • FIX: Incorrect mapping of attributes during Filter import for some Custom Metrics used in the imported filters
    • FIX: Import wizard incorrectly scrolls column's values in comparison to the column's header
    • FIX: Process map with parallel activities is displayed differently after project export & import
    • FIX: Minit application suddenly closes when opening RCA during Process Simulation
    • FIX: RCA does not remember layout when saved
    • FIX: RCA wrongly displays tree when reopened
    • FIX: Changing Boolean type in filter changes setting in another filter
    • FIX: Attribute name in Custom Metrics editor is considered as case sensitive (case insensitivity is correct)
    • FIX: Import of multiple projects at the same time causes successful import only for the first project
    • FIX: User management doesn’t add Administration badge when users are added via Active Directory
    • FIX: Cases table for the selected variant is rarely displayed empty
    • FIX: Unable to re-create a new calendar with the same name after the original calendar was deleted
    • FIX: User is unable to open other processes, while process cloning is not finished
    • FIX: User is able to import Minit project with duplicate name
    • FIX: Export of Edge statistics into CSV contains wrong self-count metric values
    • FIX: Public calendar can be switched to private by another user (non-calendar owner)
    • FIX: Newly created custom metric in the filter definition is not listed among available metrics for selection in the filter
    • FIX: In open View Settings panel, the calendar is listed under the original name after renaming
    • FIX: Opening compare view in imported project displays incorrect information about data refresh
    • FIX: Calendar can be incorrectly applied to the process with a timespan over the hundreds of years
    • FIX: Data refresh of process data replaces negative duration with zero values. Negative values are kept when using the first import via Import Wizard (correct behavior)
    • FIX: Unable to apply a quick filter shortcut for selected items in Edge statistics
    • FIX: Detected delimiter is displayed multiple times on data preview screen in Import Wizard
    • FIX: Numerical attributes with more than 1000 unique values are not selectable as "influenced by" attributes
    • FIX: Missing button "Create Custom Metrics" in Process Context using 4k resolution
    • FIX: Top attribute values in select path details are empty for parallel path
    • FIX: Statistics panel shows no data, when was sorted by column defined via custom metric, which was later disabled
    • FIX: RCA – Utilization calculated incorrectly
    • FIX: RCA – Some attributes selected as Influenced by return error
    • FIX: Custom Metrics used in Severities within Business Rules can be defined without explicit calculation context, preventing Process View opening


    Dashboards Improvements and Bug Fixes

    • FIX: Process map widget doesn’t work when timespan is set as activity
    • FIX: For newly created projects, exit from the Process View to Project HUB opens the wrong project
    • FIX: Minit Dashboards stream name is not the same as project name in Minit Analyst
    • FIX: Process map widget doesn’t work as Master item
    • FIX: Minit Dashboards snapshots in storytelling doesn’t work for process compare layer selection
    • FIX: Missing notification about required republish and re-configuration of the published view
    • FIX: New data is not exported to Minit Dashboards when process clone with data refresh is executed
    • FIX: Variant DNA widget snapshot doesn’t work if original project is deleted after project export and import
    • FIX: Minit Dashboards export and import don’t work if any visualization is invalid
    • FIX: Minit Dashboards: Process compare layer in snapshot legend is grayed
    • FIX: Inactive process map legend in duplicated demo sheet in Minit Dashboards
    • FIX: Loading list of projects in the right panel in the Project hub is slow
    • FIX: Calendar is not applied on date fields when Minit Dashboards are cloned
    • FIX: Not possible to collapse hierarchies in Process map widget
    • FIX: Minit Dashboards stream isn’t deleted when project import is cancelled
    • FIX: Unable to load data in Minit Dashboards after Clone or Data refresh
    • FIX: Variant DNA widget with display format label is empty
    • FIX: Process clone with Minit Dashboards fails if process compare layer is deleted
    • FIX: Project export with Minit Dashboards fails when Minit Server and Minit Dashboards are installed on different machines
    • FIX: Process map and Variants DNA do not load after data refresh
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    Written by Michal Rosik Michal Rosik is the Chief Product Officer & Product Visionary here at Minit. Check out his articles!