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Minit 5.4: Mining Attribute, Oracle Database, Median & Quantiles Calculations, and More

Mining Attribute Selection Cover

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Minit 5.4 comes with Mining Attribute Selection, Oracle database as a data source, median & quantiles calculations, and more.

Table of Contents

    Mining Attribute Selection

    Tired of seeing only activity-based process maps? Some call it "multidimensional mining", but why use big words when we are talking just about a Mining Attribute Selection.

    To see your process map from a different perspective – e.g., how your process flows between departments, plants, regions, etc. instead of activities – just choose your desired attribute in the process map. Minit will recalculate and visualize, on the fly, the analysis results, including performance analysis, finance, or rework detection. And to not forget, you can choose a different attribute in Variant analysis as well!


    Mining Attribute Selection 


    Mining Attribute Selection in Analyst

    Mining Attribute in Process Map Widget

    Process Map Widget is generated by activity or resource attribute. In some cases (for some processes), it is limiting. With this new functionality, Process Map Widget allows to pick up any other meaningful attribute as the mining attribute. This way, you can visualize the Process Map Widget from a different angle – the map flow will be shown from the viewpoint of other attribute, e.g. flow between departments or regions.


    Mining Attribute Selection in Dashboards

    Supported Data Source: Oracle DB

    Importing your process data to Minit is now possible also using Oracle DB as a data source. Connection to the Oracle DB is implemented the same way as for any other data source. You can load data directly from a table, view, stored procedure or by a custom SQL query. Within the Project Hub, click Add Process button and follow the Import Wizard instructions.

    Custom Metrics: Median & Quantiles Calculations

    New custom metrics operators calculate median, quantiles, and cumulative distribution function over defined data scope. For more details, see Custom metrics – Statistical Operations in Minit Help. Please note that Minit Dashboards do not reflect the median calculation. Hence, there is a difference between Minit Analyst and Minit Dashboards calculation.

    Sequence Filter Support for Parallel Activities

    The sequence filter is now able to work with parallel activities. New options allow the user to precisely select the filtering criteria. The options are:

    • is parallel with
    • is not parallel with
    • is directly followed by or parallel with
    • is followed by or parallel with

    Sequence Filter

    Minit Sequence Filter

    Important note to a fixed issue

    In the Minit Analyst, we have fixed the issue “Event-level filters defined in the Business Rule are not applied after all Process View filters”. In order to update the data in Minit Dashboards, please note that it is important to republish views with applied event-level filters to Minit Dashboards.

    Analyst Improvements and Bug Fixes

    • Improvement: Application audit log now stores identification of the user performing a particular operation in Minit Analyst
    • Update: Multi-spring layout removed from Social chart display options
    • FIX: Custom metric operator ISPARALLEL marks cases as parallel if they contain events that end and start at the same time (no overlap between these events)
    • FIX: User is able to select cluster and hierarchies for circular or multi-spring social charts, which do not support cluster or hierarchy display
    • FIX: Show terminal nodes switch not correctly interpreted in Simulation BPMN model
    • FIX: Event-level filters are not applied sequentially in order as defined by the user
    • FIX: Event-level filters defined in the Business Rule are not applied after all Process View filters
    • WARNING: Republish views with applied event-level filters to Minit Dashboards
    • FIX: Applied calendar stays in the View Settings in case the process data is missing the “event start” column after data refresh
    • FIX: Unable to save Business Rule with the defined custom output after changed Business Rule scope
    • FIX: The scheduled job is saved with an undefined repetition interval, causing job repetitions every second
    • FIX: Boolean type values for Custom Metrics and Business rules are not properly refreshed on edges in process map
    • FIX: Custom output for Boolean type Business rule is not displayed on edges in process map
    • FIX: Custom output value for edge scoped Business Rule on virtual edges (from terminal nodes Start and End) are not displayed in the Process map 
    • FIX: Long loading times for a list of projects in Process Hub
    • FIX: Process data refresh removes getValue operator from existing custom metrics defined in process context.
    • FIX: Custom metric operator IF is case sensitive, not like as rest of operators which are case insensitive
    • FIX: Task list performance is slowed down with the increasing number of tasks in task history
    • FIX: It is not possible to collapse hierarchy cluster in the process map, after editing map cluster hierarchy
    • FIX: Event-level filter defined for Business rule is incorrectly evaluated before Case level filters for actual View
    • FIX: Event-level filters are evaluated in a different order as they are displayed to user in filter panels
    • FIX: Import Wizard allows to set NULL value for stored procedure argument when the argument is non-nullable
    • FIX: Incorrect average waiting time visualization for activity in simulation detail view
    • FIX: Selected hierarchical map cluster in process map is cleared out after change data structure and re-import
    • FIX: Unable to open view which contains filter with an attribute whose data type has been changed
    • FIX: Process cloning may cause corrupted values in attributes
    • FIX: Business rule created using the shortcut in Process Map Customized panel is not saved
    • FIX: Changing the user's profile picture displays an incorrect error message

    Dashboards Improvements and Bug Fixes

    • FIX: Minit Dashboards widgets not working due to SSE certificate issue
    • FIX: Possible to open not saved view in Minit Dashboards without warning 
    • FIX: Setting for Label is missing in Process Map Widget after changing import configuration 
    • FIX: Figures for financial attributes are formatted differently in Minit Analyst and Minit Dashboards
    • FIX: Process Map Widget has sorting button for financial attributes even though there is no financial data 
    • FIX: Different name for Variants DNA as Master item 
    • FIX: System does not notify about required manual republish to Minit Dashboards when new attributes are added to the process using a data refresh
    • FIX: Business Rules renaming causes issue with exporting and importing Minit project with Minit Dashboards
    • FIX: Sorting of Custom Metrics and Business Rules in Process Map Widget by the last item only not alphabetically
    • FIX: Process view cannot be published to Minit Dashboards after update from v5.2 to v5.3 when Minit Server and Minit Dashboards are installed in different environment 
    • FIX: Clusters and hierarchies are displayed in the circular layout in Process Map Widget in Minit Dashboards
    • FIX: Missing map setting "Visualize" in Process Map Widget in Minit Dashboards
    • FIX: Incorrect calculation for Case waiting time in Statistics Grid Widget in Minit Dashboards
    • FIX: Boolean results for Custom Metrics are missing in Process Map Widget in Minit Dashboards
    • FIX: Hierarchies and Clusters snapshots in Minit Dashboards are empty
    • FIX: Missing layer name in Variants DNA widget in demo sheet
    • FIX: Process Map Widget does not show exact warning for the object after flexible import vs. data refresh
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    Written by Michal Rosik Michal Rosik is the Chief Product Officer & Product Visionary here at Minit. Check out his articles!