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Minit Product Updates: New Data Sources, Data Refresh, Root Cause Analysis Update & More


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The latest Minit update comes with new supported data sources, the option to change data sources during data refresh, categorical metrics within AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis, and a basic overview of the user actions in Minit.

Table of Contents

    Import Wizard: New Supported Data Sources

    Minit now allows importing event log using most common data warehouse services available. For each data warehouse, it is possible to load data from a table, view, or custom query. List of new data sources for event log imports:

    • Amazon Athena
    • Snowflake
    • Databricks
    • Apache Hive


    New Supported Data Sources

    Data Refresh: Process Re-Configuration

    New functionality allows the user to change data source during data refresh and update process configuration. Existing process attributes are mapped automatically based on the column names. The user is able to change the default mapping to replace missing or obsolete columns with a new one. This greatly reduces time, as already created process analysis may be applied over new process data or updated data source.


    Data Refresh

    AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis Update With Categorical Metrics

    The new version of Root Cause Analysis. Added possibility to use categorical metrics as the main metric and all case-level metrics and attributes as "influenced by". Also overall improvements in speed and stability of RCA.

    ai-root-cause-analysis-categorical-metrics-2 (1)

    AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis: Categorical Metrics

    Task History

    The history of tasks provides a basic overview of user actions in Minit. Tasks for Data refresh and Import operations lacked important details about the availability of data sources. Information about missing files was included in task details, but a non-accessible data table was saved only into the Minit log file. Now these details are part of the task detail available to the user from Project Hub task list or in Settings > Task History panel.

    Data Refresh: Process Re-Configuration Results in Minit Dashboards

    New functionality allows the user to change data source during data refresh and update process configuration in Minit Analyst. Data changes are reflected in Minit Dashboards as well. Please note that the attribute name can be changed only via Dashboards publishing wizard.

    Analyst Bug Fixes

    • FIX: Missing process context shortcut icon in process view panels.
    • FIX: Unused files remain undeleted in Minit Data storage after canceling process import.
    • FIX: Relative display "%" in process map is not calculated for financial attributes.
    • FIX: Edge statistics do not display the chart for select custom metric, if custom metric contain SOURCE or TARGET operators.
    • FIX: Unable to save Process View containing compare layer referencing to the deleted view.
    • FIX: User management operations become slow as more Minit users are defined.
    • FIX: Changing selected custom metric in process map does not reset edge slider. When output data type of a new custom metric is different, the user is not able to update slider range.
    • FIX: Display of duration values in Statistics panel are not rounded but cut off.
    • FIX: Some string comparisons in filter, like greater than, equal to, start with and others, are no case sensitive.
    • FIX: It is not possible to use string comparison operator as a part of Custom metrics expression.
    • FIX: Import Wizard does not automatically mark column with a name starting with "START" as Event Start Time process attribute.
    • FIX: Export cases into CSV does not contain case-level rework statistics.
    • FIX: Validation message for fields with wrong input value is overwritten with standard field tooltip, losing notification information to user completely.
    • FIX: Minit failed to display process map as social chart when one compare layer is missing the resource attribute.
    • FIX: Custom metrics editor incorrectly highlights keywords which are part of comment section.
    • FIX: On huge event logs with multi-thread calculations, Custom metrics calculations do not load cached results and calculates the same result repeatedly.
    • FIX: Simulation settings for resources are reset when the user switches to BPMN editor and back to Simulation settings.
    • FIX: Unable to open process view in process created by Simulation, if original process was created by import from another existing process.
    • FIX: Custom metrics operator SOURCE does not work with floating-point data type.
    • FIX: It is possible to create resources with duplicate names in Process Simulation settings.
    • FIX: Unable to edit Gateway with one outgoing path in BPMN diagram for saved simulation.
    • FIX: It is possible to apply and save a working calendar without defined working hours (empty working timetable).
    • FIX: It is possible to define Activity label as case level attribute.
    • FIX: Chart is not displayed after selection Event duration metric for Y-axis.
    • FIX: Using fast clicking, it is possible to add the same layer (view) into compare twice.
    • FIX: After reverting of process clone, unused, obsolete data files are kept in Minit Data storage.
    • FIX: Preview values in Import Wizard for process attribute of type timespan displayed wrong values in comparison to value imported into the process.
    • FIX: Update of Process Context is not prevented during data refresh, causing wrong references to the previous process version.
    • FIX: Minit application stopped working after using custom metrics with output type Timespan when used in filter.

    Dashboards Bug Fixes

    • FIX: Hierarchy name overlaps expand icon.
    • FIX: Minit Dashboards Configuration history is limited to 100 records.
    • FIX: Zooming issue on Minit custom widgets.
    • FIX: Long attribute name published to Minit Dashboards cause shifting of the columns in Dashboards Info / History.
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    Written by Michal Rosik Michal Rosik is the Chief Product Officer & Product Visionary here at Minit. Check out his articles!