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Minit & Brendil to Boost Benefits of Process Intelligence in MEA Region

Brendil Minit Partnership

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Minit and Brendil, a specialized business solutions system integrator, have closed a partnership to support and extend the value of Process Intelligence solutions to businesses in the Middle East and African region.

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    Process Intelligence as a Way to Process Excellence

    Process Intelligence, as an emerging technology in the field of operational excellence, provides organizations with data-driven and objective picture of their process performance.

    Apart from the basic role of Process Mining, which includes process discovery, analysis, and conformance checking, Minit solution comes with additional features of AI Powered Root-Cause Analysis, Business Rules monitoring, process simulations, or dashboards for better decisions-making on every level of the company.

    “Middle East and Africa is a thriving and promising region with many enterprises that understand why innovation is important. That's why at Minit, we are happy to broaden the horizons for Process Intelligence and in cooperation with Brendil, help organizations understand the value of efficient and smooth operations,” Cedric Le Rouzo, VP Alliances and Partners at Minit, commented on the new partnership.

    Traditional Ways Are Taking Too Much Time

    Such added value of a Process Intelligence solution will help every organization run smooth and efficient operations while also taking the next step towards digital transformation.

    Customers in the MEA region, especially during the current economic situation, have to accommodate to the different challenges that continuously arise. They have to re-assess their processes and procedures to cope with the fast changes of the market’s behavior.

    Traditional ways of assessing processes are taking too much time, and for businesses, time is money. Process Intelligence is the way to shorten the path to process re-engineering.

    MEA Region as a Major Hub of Innovation

    Having a major regional reach and business expertise, Brendil is providing a solid ground for customers to embark in their digital transformation.

    Located in Dubai, Brendil international experts provide customers with strong technical and functional knowledge, from Enterprise Architecture to the implementation of modern business solutions which serve both the back and front office needs.

    As Bachir Nacouzi, Managing Partner at Brendil DWC-LLC, said,“the MEA region, with its investment capacity and continuous search for excellence, is becoming a major hub for innovation. Organizations are aware that traditional ways to run day-to-day operations are rapidly becoming obsolete and that accurate decision making is a must for them to run a sustainable business. Our cooperation with Minit is the cornerstone of these.”

    Minit Product Brochure Square Book Mockup

    Minit Product Brochure

    Minit product brochure includes important insights about the company, our software with detailed feature explanations, as well as Process Mining use cases and real-life examples

    About Minit

    As one of the leading market providers of Process Mining solution, Minit helps businesses transform the way they analyze, monitor, and optimize their processes, helping them uncover opportunities for continuous process improvement and higher operational efficiency. Minit believes that every organization can achieve digital transformation and operational excellence.

    Through its solution, the company inspires stakeholders to take action and explore the benefits of the Process Mining technology for their organizations. Minit provides its Fortune 500 customers as well as other businesses with complex processes with a unique experience, highly added value, and competitive insights to help them run efficient organizations.

    About Brendil

    Based in Dubai, Brendil is a specialized Business Solutions System Integrator firm that helps companies from various industries in their digital transformation. Its strong team of Business Consultants has an extensive regional and international experience.

    Brendil’s mission is to empower its teams’ capabilities to work ethically and diligently to deliver a wide range of best of breed technology products and services, tailored to the exact needs of their customers and to the best practices of the respective industries: Process Mining, Value-driven Architecture and Enterprise Architecture, Intelligent Process Automation, Robotic Process Automation, Business Process Management, Analytics, Machine Learning and AI, Enterprise-wide System Implementors, Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Engagement (Sales, Field Service, Customer Service), Digital Workplace.

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