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Forget About Difficult-to-Understand Data. Minit Dashboards Are Here to Help

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  • 31. 03. 2020

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Minit Dashboards Upgrade Cover

With the latest 5.0 release of Minit Process Mining solution, we're bringing to the table new and upgraded Minit Dashboards functionalities and features. 

Dive in and find out how to turn your complex company data into strong arguments. 

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Minit Dashboards Help You Understand the Reality Behind Data

To meet the desired business KPIs, you must choose the right process improvement initiatives. For that, you need insights. And insights come from data.

Yet, process improvement is not only about data.

It’s about understanding it, interpreting it, identifying issues, and forming the reality based on it. 

Sometimes, even for skilled experts, the links and relationships – the true reality - might not be obvious at first, due to the complexity of data sets.  

So, with Minit Dashboards, you’ll: 

  • Get a high-level view of your process performance, 
  • Monitor your KPIs in real-time,  
  • Ensure process compliance,  
  • Identify issues that are ongoing or that happen once,  
  • Understand their impact, 
  • Make fact-based decisions. 

Minit Dashboards KPI GIF

Executive, Tactical, Operational: Dashboards for All Levels of the Company 

Minit Dashboards, powered by Analytics by Qlik, visualize the key findings from Minit Analyst to make them easily understandable for all the levels of the company.

Thus, your enhanced process control comes on multiple business levels, from strategic, to tactical to operational.


You can regularly have the insights into performance of the company at hand, and monitor individual, team, or division performance. The Dashboards give you high-level comprehension of the overall process situation. 


Tactical controlling provides visibility into progress towards defined results by monitoring KPIs, while also supporting stakeholders in their decision-making.  


Operational level gives the opportunity to emphasize important process elements, and create convincing data stories and insights you want the audience to focus on. 

Now, you can either explore Minit Dashboards features further or test them yourself. Which one will it be?

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Written by Michal Tomek Writer & Content Manager at Minit

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