Minit and GlowByte Accelerate Their Partnership to Serve Increasing Demand for Process Mining

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Deloitte's Global Process Mining Survey 2021 suggests that Russia, as well as some other regions all around the world, are starting to catch up to the more matured European Process Mining market.

To answer the increasing demand, Minit and its Russian partner GlowByte strengthen their partnership, helping more businesses uncover opportunities for continuous process improvement and higher operational efficiency.

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    Minit provides process intelligence technology that helps executives and analysts make data-based decisions to improve operational efficiency. GlowByte is a global leader in business intelligence (BI), data, and analytics solutions.

    "We are pleased to have the partnership with Minit. The professionalism of the team, which has supported our own team at all levels, helps us to find strong solutions even for tricky cases. We had a good experience in the onboarding process, it was possible to finalize and close all partnership conclusion issues in a short time. We are delighted to have a joint business activity and hope for further prosperous cooperation,” said Oxana Astapova, Head of Process Intelligence division at GlowByte.

    Rasto Hlavac, Chief Strategy Officer at Minit, said: “Thanks to their Business Intelligence expertise and years of experience, Glowbyte is the right partner for Minit in fulfilling our mission. Minit’s unique Process Mining solution and Glowbyte’s knowledge of specific industries and markets create the right combination to help every business find their way to seamless processes.”

    GlowByte’s proven experience in process mining projects coupled with Minit’s solutions will support enterprise businesses in Russia/CIS and Europe, particularly within the Retail, Financial Services, and Telecom industries.


    About Minit

    Minit, a Leader & Star Performer according to the 2021 Everest Group PEAK Matrix Report for Process Mining, enables businesses to achieve seamless operations by uncovering opportunities for higher operational efficiency.

    Its customer-first approach, flexible solution deployment, and risk-free model empower process experts as well as business stakeholders to quickly understand their processes and implement data-driven improvements from day one. Customers claim that Minit's award-winning solution and its features such as AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis, Simulations, or patent-pending Hierarchical Process Mining are critical for them in gaining a competitive edge in the market.

    Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and backed by global Venture Capital firms Salesforce Ventures, Earlybird VC, Target Global, and OTB Ventures, Minit transforms the way its customers approach continuous process improvement. As a fast-growing company, it's headquartered in Amsterdam with offices in New York, London, and Bratislava. Through its extensive network of partners, Minit serves customers all around the world.

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    About GlowByte

    Glowbyte is a multinational IT solution provider specialized in enterprise marketing automation, advanced business analytics, and information management technologies with offices in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, employing over 1300 skilled consultants. We focus on customer intelligence solutions across industries. Our consultants helped numerous organizations implement and fine‐tune marketing campaigns, analyze campaign performance, and develop solutions for marketing effectiveness. Our guidance has resulted in improved campaign response rates, increased efficiency in marketing spend, reduced customer fatigue and attrition rates. of the best consultants in the industry and are especially strong in areas of financial services helping major banking groups, telecommunications, and retail companies.

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    Written by Michal Tomek Writer & Content Manager at Minit