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What’s Hot in Minit? A New Investment and the IT Product of the Year

  • 16. 10. 2019
A New Investment and the IT Product of the Year Team

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Minit Process Mining managed to secure a €7 million investment and won the award for the best IT product of 2019.

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    Usually, we don't talk about ourselves in blogs. But when we do, we go fully in, with two great announcements to make!

    First, we received the next round of investment. Second, we've become IT product of the year. But let's take things one step at a time.

    Investors Believe in Minit’s Solution

    What we celebrated some time ago internally, can now be announced publicly: Minit has closed Series A funding with an injection of €7 million ($7.7 million)

    The round was led by European venture capital company Target Global, together with Salesforce corporate investment group Salesforce Ventures, joined by our previous investors Earlybird’s Digital East Fund and OTB Ventures.

    After the first investment of €3.3 million ($3.6 million) in December 2018, Minit's product has proved to be ready to supply global demand for Process Mining solutions.

    A New Investment and the IT Product of the Year Rasto Hlavac
    Minit's founder and CEO, Rasto Hlavac

    The current investment will be used for further expansion to new markets such as the USA, with the goal to support organizations and businesses all around the world in making data-driven decisions based on transparent processes. 

    Furthermore, the product team is going to develop and enhance Minit’s Process Mining solution to provide the customers (such as Swiss Re, Marsann, BDO, Stora Enso, and many more) with a unique experience, highly added value, and competitive insights to run an efficient business.

    ”Minit’s mission is to create fully transparent operations for large enterprises based on what is really going on in their business. This funding means Minit can help even more enterprises across the globe to introduce process transparency and understanding, to improve operations from the ground up,” said our Founder and CEO Rasto Hlavac.

    Yaron Valler, General Partner at Target Global, said: “With a superior product that is already leading in a rapidly growing market, Minit’s potential is significant. Across every industry, businesses require the functional tools to streamline operations, and Minit’s easily integrated tool that empowers anyone in the business to visualise how they can improve their operations is impressive. We’re excited to be supporting the company in its next stage of growth and global expansion.” 

    Read the Press Release published on (ENG) or in Slovak edition of Forbes (SK).

    IT Product of the Year

    For the second time, Minit has convinced a jury and was recognized as the Product of the Year in Slovak information technology’s “Oscars”.

    On Thursday, October 3rd, 2019, the 19th edition of the IT GALA awards took place in Bratislava.

    An expert jury composed of IT journalists and delegates from professional IT organizations announced the best IT Product, IT Company, IT Personality, IT NEO, and IT Project of the year 2019 at a ceremonial gala evening. And Minit was awarded as the Product of the Year 2019.

    Wanna get a feel for the gala atmosphere? Check out the pictures from the Minit’s team right at the event.

    A New Investment and the IT Product of the Year IT GALA Stage
    On the stage
    A New Investment and the IT Product of the Year IT GALA Winner Minit
    Rasto Hlavac, the CEO and founder, after the announcement.
    A New Investment and the IT Product of the Year IT GALA All Winners
    All the winners at IT GALA
    A New Investment and the IT Product of the Year IT GALA the team
    Minit's team celebrating

    For more reading (in Slovak), click here. Or learn about our solution here.

    Picture of Michal Tomek

    Written by Michal Tomek Michal Tomek is a Writer & Content Manager here at Minit. Check out his articles!