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BITGRIP Launched Cooperation with Minit Process Mining

Bitgrip Minit Partnership

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The Berlin-based digital agency BITGRIP and global process mining vendor Minit have recently signed a cooperation agreement. 

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    "Our common goal is to make many companies in the DACH region familiar with the advantages of process mining and make their business processes more efficient", BITGRIP Managing Director Timmo Köhler clarifies his intention.

    Cedric Le Rouzo, VP Alliances & Partners at Minit, adds: "We are pleased to have found in BITGRIP an experienced process specialist for the German-speaking market with many years of process mining and RPA expertise”.

    Spreading Process Mining Across German-Speaking Region

    The Berlin process specialist firm and Minit have strategically partnered to service effectively the German-speaking region. In contrast to pure process modeling, the Minit software objectively depicts processes as they run, providing so-called “As-Is” analysis.

    It also monitors and simulates processes, helping organizations uncover opportunities for continuous improvement and higher operational efficiency.

    Minit Product Brochure Square Book Mockup

    Minit Product Brochure

    Minit product brochure includes important insights about the company, our software with detailed feature explanations, as well as Process Mining use cases and real-life examples

    Every process leaves digital traces in the company IT systems. Based on this data, , Minit solution visualizes the processes and enables AI-powered analysis of the root causes.

    Fully certified by Minit and UiPath, BITGRIP employees help businesses analyze and implement optimization potentials.

    The team supports companies in process analysis, process engineering, and the development and integration of automation projects with Robotic Process Automation in combination with ML (IPA) and the subsequent process and robot monitoring.

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    Written by Michal Tomek Michal Tomek is a Writer & Content Manager here at Minit. Check out his articles!