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Minit Process Mining Assessed as Major Contender by Everest Group

  • 13. 03. 2020
Minit Process Mining Assessed as Major Contender by Everest Group Mt Everest (1)

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Everest Group, a consulting and research company with headquarters in Dallas, Texas, has recently published its Process Mining – Technology Vendor Landscape with Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020, with Minit Process Mining being classified as a Major Contender.

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    What Is PEAK Matrix?

    Thanks to its unique analysis and insights, Everest Group's PEAK Matrix helps enterprises in the decision-making process when searching for global providers, locations, or products and services.

    The results of this data-driven comparative assessment are based on the vendor's market impact and their vision & capability to deliver successfully.

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    Minit's Strengths as a Major Contender According to the PEAK Matrix Assessment

    The areas assessed by the Everest Group for each of the 13 Process Mining vendors included market adoption, portfolio mix, delivered value, process setup & integration, process intelligence, implementation & support, and vendor's commercial model.

    Minit's Process Mining solution has received the Major Contender comparative assessment thanks to:

    • Its ability to support organizations in making data-driven decisions as opposed to assumption-based approach,
    • Connectors to the major enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and ServiceNow,
    • The option to discover process maps for unstructured processes, compare and filter various process variants to decide for the best performers and run gap and root-cause analysis,
    • Monitoring and benchmarking processes against pre-defined KPIs, while also being able to discover process maps in the BPMN format,
    • Collapsible process map clustering functionality,
    • The rework detection capability to identify loops and self-loops in the processes, as well as their triggers/finishers,
    • Strong partners ecosystem and focus on training and support, backed especially by its free training modules and sessions,
    • Integrations capability to complementary solutions, and
    • The general speed of execution, ease of setup, and intuitive user interface.

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