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Minit Product Updates: Business Alerts, Simulations Update, And More


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The latest Minit update comes with new Business Alerts feature, updated Simulations with machine learning models, new options for job scheduling, Custom Metrics improvements, and others. 

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    Minit Business Alerts

    To keep ahead with your processes, you need to know every vital change in your key business metrics. Whether a goal is met, or an unexpected event happened, Business Alert brings this to your immediate attention. This helps you quickly take the right action to address the changes in the key business metrics. 

    Minit Business Alerts – Solution (1)

    What are Business Alerts?

    For informed business decisions, you need to know changes in your business data. When manually monitoring loads of data which continues to grow, you may miss vital process information that needs your attention. Business Alert helps you stay on top of this.

    The functionality alerts you on important business changes which you have set up as conditions. This enables you to take appropriate timely action and seize opportunities. An alert is an automated message sent via email which indicates that a predefined event or condition has occurred and that an action is needed. Alerts allow users to receive critical business information in the quickest and most efficient possible way.

    Benefits of Automated Business Alerts

    Automating the monitoring of critical data changes generated by any business process can remove the inconsistency and possibility being overlooked. Significant or critical data changes can be immediately recognized and then extracted to notify the relevant person or department. With process visibility of critical information, decisions can be made a lot quicker and serious crises can be averted.

    What data can I create an alert over?

    The user can set up the Business Alerts over Business Rules already created for a specific business process in Minit Analyst.

    Process Simulations

    With the new simulation engine, we are improving the accuracy and precision of the simulation engine to reliably simulate business processes and even the slightest changes in them. We have added machine learning capabilities to ensure that the accuracy and precision is on an unparalleled level and we have also added multiple changes that enable you to model the process in the same way how it works in real life world.

    • We have resources that mimic the reality, by being able to be assigned to multiple activities and can share each activity with other different resources.
    • We can set maximum parallel jobs for each resource and the rest of tasks for that resource is waiting in queue for its turn.
    • We no longer have gates. Each activity can have multiple incoming and multiple outgoing paths.
    • We have added waiting times for each path between activities.

    Why use Machine Learning (ML) in simulations?

    Without ML in Simulations, each activity decides on random what the next path will be for any given case. This can cause irregularities in the newly generated log in many cases.

    imagine that a certain route in process depends on region, material type or just on a specialisation of an employee dedicated to certain type of invoices. For other simulation engines, taking a route is based on probability based on previous cases. Not for us!

    Our neural engine learns from the context of past and takes these process nuances into account. This will result in precise simulations that will return generated logs matching reality.


    Scheduled jobs

    New options for more reliable job scheduling – number of re-tries and delay between re-tries. In case the schedule job fails, it is possible to define the number of re-tries.

    The repetition tries for a scheduled job end either with the successful job execution or when the limit of re-tries is hit. The zero value for re-tries means the job is executed just once. In case of error, there is no repeated execution. The re-try value 1 means the scheduled job will be executed at least once and at most two times (first is a scheduled run, second one is re-try after the defined delay).

    Custom Metrics

    Improvement: Number formatting – decimal precision. New setting in Options\General menu to specify decimal precision for numeric values. This setting is applied globally across the whole Minit application.

    Improvement: Custom operator ISPARALLEL have added event scope.

    Improvement: New custom operator ISPARALLELWITH([condition]) detects event parallelism with certain condition.

    Import data: Optimization

    Scheduled data refresh created additional temporal file in systems' temp folder. This resource requirement that was not documented might cause issues in environments with limited disk space.  The new scheduled data refresh imports data directly into defined Minit Data Storage and is not using system's temp folder.

    Bug Fixes

    FIX: Import data from files creates a temporary file in Minit Data Storage. This temporary file was deleted after the data import but still caused increased disk space requirements during the import.

    FIX: Missing remove button (cross icon) in the Customization\Details panel in Process Map for elements with long value.

    FIX: Slider for edge highlight in Customize panel for Process Map screen does not display negative values for the selected metric and put minimal value for zero.

    FIX: List of values in attribute filters are case sensitive, separating values into upper and lower case lists.

    FIX: In Minit Charts, the values for chart x-axis are incorrectly formatted.

    FIX: Custom metrics operators accept a wrong number of arguments.

    FIX: Data refresh allowed import with duplicate names of data source columns.

    FIX: The Task history list does not correctly display a warning result of task and displays OK result instead.

    FIX: Export to CSV in Statistics panel does not respect duration settings for Duration standard deviation column.

    FIX: Financial attributes in Minit Dashboards are not disabled as it is in Minit Analyst.

    FIX: Timepicker control does not allow to enter values manually.
    Improvement: Maximum number of days set in timepicker controls in filters is increased from 100 to 1000.

    FIX: Chart in statistics screen displays incorrect value if another custom metric was previously selected.

    FIX: Unable to sort table in the Business rules statistics.

    FIX: Switch for the percentage value display for event-level finance attributes is enabled in the Process Map screen.

    FIX: The Statistics panel displays incorrect chart values when an invalid custom metric is selected without any notification to the user.

    FIX: The error report does not send a log bigger than 12MB.

    FIX: Filter expression for operators without parameters like Empty or All show switch to custom expression editor which caused Minit instability.

    FIX: Unable to open Customize panel in the Process Map screen after updating Process Context via icon in top bar.

    FIX: Minit application stopped working in the Statistics panel when keys Home or End are pressed.

    FIX: Process re-import in Process Configuration > Import Configuration panel may display the error message "Unexpected error message. Could not find file <filename> ", while process re-import was finished successfully.

    FIX: The order of filters is randomly changed after the user performs drag & drop re-ordering.

    FIX: Unable to rename event level Custom Metric which is used in Case Categorization.

    FIX: Incorrect warning message when the user opens a view after scheduled data refresh about changes made by another user.

    FIX: Import Wizard does not distinguish between disk space issues between temporary files and Minit Data Storage files providing the user with only a single error message.

    FIX: Minit Light Client Installation may fail without an error notification to the user.

    FIX: Net Loop Gain metric shows incorrect percentage value in the Process Map details panel.

    FIX: Sorting timespan data type columns in Statistics panels may close Minit application unexpectedly.

    FIX: Calendar UI fields are not displayed in the selected language.

    FIX: Memory optimization for calculation custom metric MEDIAN operator.

    FIX: Wrong popup menu positioning in screens with 4K resolution.


    Analytics by Qlik Update

    Minit Dashboards combines powerful interactive dashboards with process mining visualizations and analytics capabilities, powered by the top computational engine created by Qlik. The latest update includes various feature enhancements from most recent Qlik’s release including new visualization capabilities.

    Please note that the minimum RAM requirement is 8.8 GB (depending on data volumes, more may be required). Minit Dashboards uses an in-memory analysis technology. The memory requirements for Minit Dashboards are directly related to the amount of data being analyzed. 

    Custom Metric as a new attribute type in Minit Dashboards

    With the 5.6 update, we are releasing an option to publish a custom metric as an attribute to Minit Dashboards. This option is available for on-aggregated custom metric (per-event or per case). The values can be easily aggregated using Qlik aggregations.

    Bug Fixes

    FIX: Financial attributes in Minit Dashboards are not disabled as it is in Minit Analyst.

    FIX: Different format for Datetime in Statistics Widget.

    FIX: Business Rule is not present in Process map widget.

    FIX: Not updated process views are not visible after flexible import.

    FIX: Process map widget does not work after data refresh over hierarchies after update from v5.4 to v5.5.

    Picture of Michal Rosik

    Written by Michal Rosik Michal Rosik is the Chief Product Officer & Product Visionary here at Minit. Check out his articles!