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Minit Product Updates: New Operators, Improved Alerts, Dashboards License Update


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The service update of Minit 5.6. improves Minit Analyst, introduces minor bug fixes and simplifies required Qlik Dashboards license update.

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    In this mid-version update, we bring in two improvements to Minit Analyst, as well as some minor bug fixes.


    Calendar Operators for Working Hours

    The new operators ADDWORKINGDAYS, ADDWORKINGHOURS, and ADDWORKINGMINUTES allow you to update date values based on the defined working calendar.

    Instead of using physical time which is used in the existing operators (ADDDAYS, ADDHOURS, and ADDMINUTES), the new operators follow defined working hours and omit any non-work time.

    For example: Adding one working day to a date coming on Friday, using standard 8/5 working calendar, returns next Monday, not the Saturday.

    Compare: ADDDAYS (28/1/2021,1)=29/1/2021 vs ADDWORKINGDAYS(28/1/2022,1)=31/1/2022.

    Business Alerts Evaluation With Case Count and Value

    Within the Business Alerts functionality, we’re updating the evaluation email. It will now include the information about case count and value for the case and process scope Business Rules. This will help you better understand what is happening with the process you set the alert on, and thus make it easier for you to take the appropriate action.

    Minit Business Alert Preview Blog Comparison

    Comparison of previous business alert (left) and the new one (right). Now the e-mail not only tells you what the result is, but also how much of your process cases it covers.

    Bug Fixes

    FIX: Unexpected error when processing simulation request: on-premise simulations. 

    FIX: Adjusted equations that predict the time of computation of a simulation. The adjusted equation tells the minimum RAM requirements for offline simulations. 

    FIX: Unhandled exception when edit button is clicked while BPMN model is loading. 

    FIX: Business Alert evaluation includes links to Minit Dashboards only for Windows authentication.  (Basic authentication link added). 

    FIX: Endless loading when disabling Business Alert. 

    FIX: Minit Service Host stops running after sending Error logs on the offline environment. 

    FIX: Job history records are kept, and the user is not able to limit the number of historical records. 

    FIX: Unexpected error when processing simulation request - on-premise simulations.  

    Fix: System activity START appears in results of simulation 


    Minit Dashboards will undergo a necessary licensing update and with it, we're also fixing a few bugs.

    Necessary License Update for Qlik

    Minit Dashboards are powered by Qlik, a top computational engine. This provides unrivalled options to visualize, adjust, and present findings of your process mining efforts.

    For Dashboard users to be able to benefit from this combination, a Qlik license has to be present and valid within their Minit installation.

    For all current installations this license is recommended to be updated by February 28, 2022.

    Applying this Minit update will directly renew the necessary Qlik license in one smooth action. Our support team stands at the ready to guide the clients through the update procedure.

    Bug Fixes

    FIX: Master items in Minit Dashboards not accessible to other users.

    FIX: Master items do not work after process import.

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    Written by Marek Lutz Marek Lutz is the Product Marketing Manager here at Minit. Check out his articles!