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Company News

Minit wins at Microsoft Industry Awards 2017


Every year Microsoft recognizes partners delivering innovative customer solutions. This year, at the 19th annual Microsoft Industry Awards Minit, won for the second time. Our win was for helping students at the School of Management / City University of Seattle Programs achieve better academic results. Thanks to Minit’s automated processes analysis School of Management was able to discover the winning strategies of the best-performing students.

Unlike the full-time study that we perceive as analog, on-line education is highly digitized with the ability to explore the behavior and learning process of students. By analyzing the process logs from Learning Management System Moodle with Minit, we uncovered how students behave in the online environment what activities they are attending and in what frequency, and how it affects their learning outcomes.

Branislav Zlocha, Director, Marketing & Development, School of Management / City University of Seattle Programs

Process mining has been applied successfully in a variety of domains, e.g., banking, insurance, logistics, production or retail. This project proves that even in unexpected situations it can bring about improved productivity and at the same time reduce costs.

Minit's versatility means a high potential for use in a wide range of industries. However, it also enables you to put even academic processes to the test and optimize and identify significant improvements within the life cycle of a student. Through process mining you can ensure resources are focused on what matters, educating the students and driving research that will change the world.

Rasto Hlavac, CEO, Minit

Photo from left to right: Ondrej Novodvorsky, Director Sales SMBs Microsoft; Rasto Hlavac, CEO, Minit; Lucia Belková, Director Sales EPG, Microsoft; Branislav Zlocha, Director, Marketing & Development, School of Management / City University of Seattle Programs

Simona Parnicka Marketing Manager at Minit

16. 05. 2017