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Michal Rosik · 10. 12. 2018 · Best Practices

4 Things Every Process Miner Wants for Christmas

They can’t be bought with money alone, but take time and patience to achieve. Not all are found in stores or made at the north pole. Actually, none of them are. Come to think of it, Santa could use Minit Process Mining technology on his wish list because those elves got my gifts all mixed up last year!


Michal Rosik · 03. 12. 2018 · Best Practices

How to Add Value to your Product or Service with Process Mining

Tick a box; is your company a product or service? From SaaS companies and electric scooter hire to Tabasco sauce and trendy apparel, every business will be able to tick one or both boxes. But whether customers swoop your product from grocery store shelves or pay monthly fees per user license, the sweet sauce of many successful organizations lie in business processes. Process mining aids in understanding the true nature of these processes, which in turn, can add value to a product or service.


Simona Parnicka · 21. 11. 2018 · Best Practices

Five Best Practices to select the right Process Mining vendor

Process Mining is gaining traction at a variety of organizations, thanks to its promise to help improve and optimize the way processes are run. Trends such as Digital Transformation, Automation, and Digital Twin are driving growth in business users' awareness of the benefits of analyzing and understanding their own processes within a broader enterprise context.


Michal Rosik · 16. 11. 2018 · Best Practices

The Important Difference Between BI and Process Mining

Business Intelligence (BI) and Process Mining have a common goal: help business managers make better, more informed, evidence-based decisions. Despite this shared objective, there’s an important distinction between BI and Process Mining that can help organizations understand how, when and why to apply a given tool to a given situation.