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Michal Rosik · 10. 04. 2019 · Best Practices,Manufacturing,Process mining,production

Tips for Achieving End-to-End Visibility in a Production Environment

End-to-end production line visibility. Definitely a worthy goal. And if you were to attempt to achieve this full level of visibility all at once, it would be a monumental undertaking. But by breaking it down into smaller, more attainable milestones, you can reach your desired level of transparency without it being as painful as you’re imagining. With its unique ability to map the processes as they really happen, process mining is a great point to start.


Michal Rosik · 04. 04. 2019 · Manufacturing,Process mining

Using Process Mining to Maximize OEE

Process mining and OEE. Manufacturing equipment and processes depend on a number of factors to be successful, and these two tools will help you achieve that success.

Digital transformation is powered by technology, process mining is a great first step.

Michal Rosik · 02. 04. 2019 · Process mining

How Process Mining Enables Digital Business Transformation

Digital transformations require a focus on process. Dusting-off, discovering and fully recasting
the shape of business processes are at the core of digital business transformations. The proven
techniques of Business Process Management (BPM) remain the same — identify, design,
execute, document, measure, monitor, optimize and control business processes. Process
mining is the technology which enables this process re-birth to take place in an effective,
efficient and comprehensive manner worthy of our digital age. Automation is essential.

process mining, business process management, data mining; these are not the same thing at all, though they do compliment each other.

Michal Rosik · 28. 03. 2019 · Business Process Management (BPM),Process mining

Business process management vs process mining vs data mining

Business process management? Data mining? Process mining? You’re hearing these three terms mentioned in a lot of meetings, and to be honest, you’re not sure they aren’t actually the same thing. Well, they’re not. Let us demystify these business ideas for you,  where they do indeed overlap, and more importantly where they definitely diverge.

Does your business productivity need to be shaken up? Try process mining.

Michal Rosik · 26. 03. 2019 · Process mining

How Process Mining is Revolutionizing Business Productivity

Business productivity is defined as the rate at which people, processes and technology convert inputs into useful outputs. The impact productivity has on business profits is not to be understated — business productivity is a key factor in determining cost productivity, and thus, the bottom line. Shifting focus towards process efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility makes an organization more profitable and competitive.