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Best practices


Michal Rosik · 19. 03. 2019 · Best Practices

Process Mining as an Invaluable Element for Improving Customer Experiences

Amazing customer experiences aren’t something you can measure once and then forget. True customer experience excellence is ever evolving, ever changing and always receptive to changes in consumer perspective, confidence, and expectations. This often unpredictable tide of customer needs means businesses must establish a continuous improvement process to improve the customer experience, helping to keep customers delighted and loyal for many years to come.


Michal Rosik · 12. 03. 2019 · Best Practices

How to Minimize Operational Risk Through Great Processes

Managing risk is something all organizations whether big or small have in common. The good news is that most risk, the type that impacts the ins and outs of day to day business, is well within an organization's control. Some risk factors relating to the environment, economy, competition, and political arena are beyond reach. However, daily operational risks are within an organization's control and can be managed through great processes.


Michal Rosik · 05. 03. 2019 · Best Practices

Unlock Enterprise-Wide Process Transparency with Process Mining

We are only as strong as our weakest link. It’s a saying that rings true for operational excellence. One broken link (process step) ultimately means a broken chain (process), which makes a bicycle inoperable (organization). Understanding operational weaknesses and threats are equally as important as understanding strengths and opportunities. Process transparency is key. Organizations need to not only be their biggest spokesperson and cheerleader, but also their own best critic.


Michal Rosik · 26. 02. 2019 · Best Practices

BPM recommendations for 2019 from Minit

Real business effectiveness comes not only from anticipating future trends but also knowing when is the right time to bring new innovative technologies into your business. Here are three recommendations that can help you decide when and if to bring next-generation IT into your organization.


Michal Rosik · 19. 02. 2019 · Best Practices

69% of Organizations Document their Processes, but Only 4% Measure and Manage Them

Beyond tangible products, business processes are at the very core of service quality, company culture, supplier relations, go-to-market feasibility and many other essential elements of an organization. While more than 2⁄3 of organizations go to the trouble of documenting business processes, only 4% bother to measure and manage them. This can result in unknown process deviations.