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Business case


Michal Rosik · 03. 09. 2019 · Business Case,RPA

The Virtual Take Over of Process Robots and Why Employees Need Not Fear

It’s the plot of an 80s Sci-Fi film — the robots are coming and they’re coming for you. The virtual take over of robots in business processes, however, need not stoke the flames of job insecurity or send IT departments into panic mode. 


Jana Gregusova · 21. 05. 2019 · Process mining,CustomerSuccess,Business Case

Success: Stora Enso Sees Positive Results in Six Months with Minit 4.0

Process analysis presents a challenge for organizations across all sectors of the business world. It’s also a growing sector in its own right: consulting giant Gartner estimates that the market will expand to a staggering $1.42 billion industry by 2023. The emergence of new technologies, most notably process mining, are fueling that growth because they make effective process analysis accessible not only for analysts, but also for business users who seek to gain a competitive advantage through process optimization.


Michal Rosik · 14. 05. 2019 · Best Practices,Process mining,Business Case

How to Build a Business Case for Process Mining

A well defined business case is the first step towards introducing process mining software into an organization. A business case is the detailed justification for why a project is worthy of execution, both in terms of financial benefit and human resources.