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Case studies


Jana Gregusova · 15. 08. 2019 · Case Studies,Process mapping

How to Pinpoint Sales Cycle Strengths with Process Mining

We’ve all heard it — the sales pitch. Perfected in an elevator or thoughtfully detailed in a pitch deck, businesses must craft and deliver a strong sales message to win clients and close deals. 


Michal Rosik · 21. 06. 2018 · Best Practices,Case Studies

3 Industries and Companies Doing Process Mining Right

Business Process Improvement (BPI) is for every company, in every industry. From lemonade stands to Lexus dealerships, every business functions on processes and every process has room for continuous improvement. Does the same hold true for process mining? Which industries and companies are leading the way? Who is doing process mining right and why?


Simona Parnicka · 26. 06. 2017 · Case Studies

Improving students’ academic results through process analysis

Intelligent technology solutions change how students learn in a way that lets both students and educators benefit. Our real-life proof is the School of Management/City University of Seattle Programs, which has achieved improvement of its online study with the help of the Minit Process Analysis Tool and Microsoft Azure.