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    Are You Running an Intelligent Business_Flying_Owl

    Jana Gregusova · 27. 08. 2019 · Best Practices,Innovation

    Are You Running an Intelligent Business?

    Business intelligence is a buzzword in many circles these days. But is that the same thing as an intelligent business? 


    Michal Rosik · 11. 07. 2019 · Process mining,Innovation

    Added Value of Digital Twins in Telecommunications

    Digital twins are having their time in the sun, with increasing coverage in even mainstream media about the benefits this suite of technologies is bringing to the business world. And rightly so.


    Michal Rosik · 30. 04. 2019 · Process mining,Innovation,CustomerSuccess

    Using Process Mining to Improve Customer Journey

    How much do you know about your customer’s journey? Has the idea of a “customer journey map” been mentioned in a recent board meeting, and you’re not sure what that means or how it can help? A customer journey map is an invaluable tool for improving your customers’ experience with your company. Process mining can help you make that journey map even better.